Happy Birthday Brian!

I have 6 weeks of birthdays to catch up on, but first things first: today is the birthday of my bestest friend. My husband Brian!

Picture 13

Not sure what to tell you about him. Kind of hard to neatly summarize your soul mate without gettin mushy gushy, ya know?

I can however tell you how I love his gentle spirit. He is such a sweet daddy and it makes my heart absolutely swell when I see him take extra time to read or play with our kids. Last week I was in the kitchen and had a fly-on-the-wall moment when I noticed that he & Taylor were outside coloring at the table. I grabbed my camera and listened to them chatting. I was taking pictures from inside, when through my view finder I saw Taylor reach over and give her daddy a kiss. Oh, my heart!


I love to see him set a goal and then exceed it. Like last month when he ran in the Country Music 1/2 Marathon and pushed through and finished even though he was hurt. I was so proud of him! I remember not long ago when running a couple miles was a joke. And now he is ready to sport one of those 13.1 stickers on his car!

Our life together is nothing short of adventurous and lovely … and all the while rather quiet. Ain’t love grand though? It is. It is because my favorite place to be is next to Bri.

Or across from him at the dinner table.

Or with him while we cook in the kitchen.

Or holding hands with our girls as we say nighttime prayers together.

And riding around in that sweet little Porsche a few months back was awfully nice too, but that was just a one-day thing. I get to do these other things nearly EVERYday. And that is part of what makes my life so special ~ just being us ~ however boring we may be … we are very much in love and much more so with every passing year.

The old folks at our wedding were right … life together really does just get better as the years go on.

Happy Birthday B! I’m so blessed to spend my life with you. I’ll tell you the mushy gushy stuff later. Love, me.


~ by hthr on June 22, 2009.

2 Responses to “Happy Birthday Brian!”

  1. Love that pic Stephanie took of y’all! happy belated birthday to you as well!

  2. Aw, I love these pictures! He sounds like a wonderful guy.

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