So this is 30?

I realize I’m only 2 weeks into my 30s and all, but so far it appears this decade should include more than gummy bear vitamins. I’ve been trying to decide if 30 actually feels this rough, or if it’s the whole moving process.

It’s GOT to be the moving. Right? This is definitely not the time to start decreasing my caffeine intake.

So I’m 30 now! I have officially been welcomed into the cool kids club and I would tell you it feels awesome but it doesn’t. 30 is tired. 30 has looked like taking a lot of naps so far. There’s only one thing I can come up with that might have kicked it all off: my birthday party.

Let’s just say it was one of my most favoritest things ever.

It was supposed to be a surprise. And I … do not appreciate suprises like most people do. It makes life tough on my husband who likes to make a game out of it with himself and at least TRY to keep a surprise. Like, say, that my friend Jean from Atlanta was driving here to surprise me for my bday. He couldn’t keep that one either. She was most unpleased with him and said so via texting using periods and not exclamation points. Jokingly of course. Sort of. I can say that because she still refuses to read my blog.


My birthday is ALSO my dad’s birthday! Every year I say, “so what do you want for dessert?” and he never cares. We just like dessert. That’s all. Here we are with my mom that night. Aren’t they so cute? They celebrated their 15th Anniversary this month! (Yes, he’s my step-dad, in case you’re doing math in your head, but he’s “dad” to me).

The party was at one of my very favorite places of all ~ Arrington Vineyards! Brian & I pack a picnic and go out there about once a month, so why not a party, eh?

As it turned out, the weather was beyond perfect and I do not remember even one bug bothering me all evening! Brian and my dad went out there early to get tables and set them for dinner and my friends Lisa, Nikki & Tanya arrived with hot lasagna’s fresh from their ovens. Reed Pittman was on the keys, the hill was dotted with hundreds of others enjoying the night. I had such a great time and was humbled to be celebrated and surrounded by my close friends & family.


As for dessert, we had a couple cakes but this was really special to me ~ chocolate truffles from The Cocoa Tree! These were made by the amazing Franklin/Nashville chocolatier Bethany Thouin. When Brian & I first visited Franklin 3.5 years ago during his job interview, we went for a walk down Main Street and were drawn into a charming little shop called The Cocoa Tree. I have had a love for dark chocolate truffles since I was a little girl at a wedding where truffles were the favors at the reception. Life and chocolate just never were the same after that. So I’m sure you can guess that TcT has been a favorite stop of mine here in town ever since. For the sweet memories of our first visit here and the amaaaaazing chocolate treasures behind the glass.


I’m so grateful that I could welcome in my 30s with friends that “do life” with us. I just wish some of them would have warned me I’d be leaving all my energy behind in my 20s! I don’t know though … I’m gonna wait until I recover from this move to read into it much further. I have a feeling the best is yet to come.

~ by hthr on June 20, 2009.

2 Responses to “So this is 30?”

  1. What a great party and fun looking group of friends! Happy Birthday to you, 30 year old!!! Turning 30 didn’t feel any different for me, but I do feel physically different with each 30 something year since. Tired, I think is the only word to describe. You look much more energetic and fun than I do though!!!

  2. […] We started packing to move to our new house, I turned 30, and we committed to continuing a legacy in our family (part 1/part 2). Whoa. Okay, that’s […]

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