Alternately titled, You Should Be Afraid of Much More Than Ticks and Bears in the Forest.

My knowledge of the Twilight series is limited to this exact description: “vampire love story”.

That’s all I know.

But this spoof trailer? Cracked. Me. Up.

Have you read it? Were you seriously unable to put it down like I’ve heard over and over and over….and over….? Or are you asking me “What is Twilight?” You can ask me that. In the comments. Then I will know who’s who and what’s what. I’m so curious!


~ by hthr on June 19, 2009.

4 Responses to “Twilight”

  1. Yes, I was seriously unable to put it down. That goes for all four books. Seriously.

  2. Put it down after 300 pages and never picked it back up. Not for me. I’m not into the whole vampire love story drama.

  3. uhhhh, yeah, gotta say I couldn’t put it down. I read the first two books in 2 days, and then made my hubby buy me the last two so I could finish it. I’m almost done with the last book now. They are soooooo good.

  4. Hey Hthr, my wife bought the series cause she heard it was so good. She read threw the first book and said if she was a 13 year old girl it might be interesting. It was so mellow-dramatic and cheesy. We saw the movie and thought the same. I thought, ya if I was a 13 year old girl I could see how it might be intriguing, but as an adult I thought it stunk. The spoof was good though, and we sold the book series on ebay.

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