The Fight of Our Lives.

Every Tuesday in March, we took a class at our church called Grace for Freedom. It would take a series of posts or many pots of coffee for me to be able to explain to you what transpired and the incredible ways that I have been delivered from strongholds the Enemy has had in my life for many years. I will get there, but not today…

I tell you this to preface this post because one of the biggest realizations for me was the point made that it is sin for us to believe the lies that Satan tells us. Let’s just say, I have been believin’ a lotta his lies for a loooong time and the night I really grasped that and put a name to lies I’ve believed was the night some major dismantling began inside of me.

I heard on the radio the other day a report from the Barna Group that found that almost 60% of Christians believe that Satan is a “symbol of evil” rather than being real. This blew me away! I have never doubted his existence or that of demons. Anyway, I clearly remember thinking in class one night, If I let can let go of these things, I wonder what Satan will go after next? And then, what no parent ever wants to “hear” … I heard it. I felt it. And I knew where it came from.

“Your children are next.”

Time stood still in that moment, but I knew and I know that I will never walk anything alone. Never.

So it was really no surprise to me the next day when my 7 year old daughter who loves to draw pictures for people and sing songs to Jesus on her guitar, came home from school talking vaguely about oral sex. I knew that that day, the enemy had clearly set out to pervert and invade her mind and take part of her innocence in a way that I was helpless to protect. Her ears, via another (helpless and innocent) child’s mouth.

Wanna talk about an angry mama & daddy? We were. And we were not mad at a child or a school or a teacher but an enemy that is in the world making his presence known. But then…greater is He that is in me, than he that is in the world….

The world to a 7 year old today, is not the same world it was to me when I was 7. It’s different. It’s changed. Kids know so much more and have so many more opportunities. The world today is smarter and faster and more advanced than it has ever been. Brian & I are freshly reminded of how important the choices we make for them are. Whether its in media, books, or in the social sphere….

The most important thing to us is that when our daughters are faced with making a decision that they know in their “know-er” what is the right thing. I pray that they would seek the Lord in prayer before even approaching Brian or I for input. The day will come when B & me are gone, and our girls will be able to stand fast and not skip a beat with their hand right there in the Lords. As if we ever had the answers anyway. But we absolutely recognize that we need help with raising them in that way.

The fight of our lives is for that of our children.  In ten years, the world will look different than it does today and it is our prayer that in ten years, our daughters will be on their way to becoming discerning women who are wise to the enemy’s schemes. They can do that in public or private school, but we are exceedingly grateful that the Lord has provided Grace Christian Academy as an additional partner in equipping our girls for life ahead.

Christian education for our kids used to look like a dream. An impossible dream. We choose to see it as a sacrifice worth fully embracing. I will live in a smaller house and drive an old car with the biggest smile on my face because I have this awesome privilege and opportunity for my daughters. Color me grateful!


~ by hthr on June 10, 2009.

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