More fight. With bite.

I grew up in Christian School. I wasn’t the kid whose parents just put her there for the sake of “private school” status, connections or exclusivity. No. My single mom worked 3 jobs so that I had the privilege of a Christian education.

And my mom herself went to Christian School – along with each of her five brothers & sisters. Five. One big fat tuition bill, com’in right up.

There is a legacy in my family in which the importance of Christian education is worth whatever sacrifices have to be made. Even so, this has not been an easy decision. The journey to “let’s apply” has been an interesting one. Oh, but so eye opening.

The county we live in is one of the wealthiest counties in the United States and the school system here is top notch. Let’s be honest. Life here? It’s blessed & beautiful. The school my children attend? Absolutely Incredible. I might rave about it for the rest of my life. It is an incredible joy to send our daughters to school there. Top to bottom…excellence prevails. Well, the cafeteria is questionable, but…

So it’s hard, you know, to consider taking them from an environment where they are thriving and succeeding and place them in another – where, inevitably, the same will be true – but change is … it’s change. It can be hard, even with all the excitement that accompanies.

You would think given the great legacy set before me that this would be a “no brainer” then, to do the same for our children. You would think.

I’ve been praying for months that God would answer our prayers for clarity with an abundant YES and total peace and surety about it. And I haven’t had it. And it’s a little frustrating because all I could come up with was why wouldn’t you send them there and still had a bit of a nagging feeling.

I really couldn’t figure this one out. We pulled into the drive at church one Sunday and I said out loud from heart-to-tongue and bypassing the brain, “I usually feel hesitant about the school – until we step foot on the church property. And then? I just always feel at total peace about it. I get that overwhelming YES that I have prayed so much.”

And then I realized just how much the enemy does not want our daughters in Christian school! I have to think there is just some shield around our church. I feel my whole spirit settle and go at ease every. single. time I pull in the driveway there. I get chills when I walk into the Sanctuary and begin worshipping, and it has nothing to do with the temperature and everything to do with the Spirit of the Lord that is present.

One of the things most significant to me that I’ve been learning is exactly how subtle Satan is and can be. Here I had been learning to tear down strongholds of the enemy and was refusing to hear his lies, and all the while on the other side of my heart, he was dumbing down my peace about the school. As soon as I recognized it that morning I began praying about it differently and commanding the thief of my peace to go back to where he came from.

And I just gotta tell you – I haven’t felt uneasy about it for a moment since. Quite a sobering reminder that this is territory worth fighting for. They don’t tell ya this stuff at your baby shower.

~ by hthr on June 10, 2009.

2 Responses to “More fight. With bite.”

  1. We have fought the same struggle. My husband went K through College at private Christian schools. The fact that we are Catholic compounds the issue for us because there is alot about our faith that can’t be learned in the extra 2 hours our kids attend church weekly (they would have five hours of Catholic belief explanation if they were in Catholic schools.) It’s been something we’ve revisited every year. I am so glad that you have found a peace about it. I go back and forth and know that next year, when Jack leaves elem., it will be something that I will finally have to make a hard decision on, but I am hoping that when it’s not our “utopian school” we’re talking about the decision will be an easier one. Congratulations on finding your answer!

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