light the way.

Four weeks ago, May 2, I sat in total glee at how God would care to bring us a chair. And maybe you recall this little note I had at the very end:

And as I sat here thanking God for His goodness to us, in my heart, I heard Him say Just wait, I’ll do it with a house for you too.

So, May 3, the next morning. Brian is in Haiti, and I am in church. Anthony Skinner is leading worship with Jonathan and … you know how you can sing a line over and over … and over and over … and over and oh-my-goodness over again … and you end up completely distracted by the question of whether or not the worship leader is going to go on and sing it yet again? Well this was NOT one of those moments. (Actually, I’ve never had a moment like that at GC.) But I say that because that used to make me uncomfortable. I suppose words have a way of doing that. I’ve learned to bypass the fact that I am repeating myself, and allow what we are really saying to be drilled down deeper into my spirit. I find myself praying it and declaring it with my whole self. That specific morning we sang some of the most beautiful songs … and I wholeheartedly declared … “Light the way, light the way. Light the way, light the way. Light the way, light the way. Light the way, light the way. Light the way, light the way….”

By the time I got a few lines in, my entire being was in agreement. I had no preconceived ideas of what lay ahead for our family. Only that it would be best when lit by the true Light and I knew without question, that that was all I desired. Everytime I repeated it, I wanted it more. I believed for it more. I pictured walking down a path and it was dark up ahead but where we were was clear and the road was gradually becoming wider and brighter, but only just enough. Not all the way. We didn’t need to see so far down the road. Just a bit for now. And to see it well. No doubt. No fear. And an amazing feeling of peace fell on me…

Two weeks ago, while sitting in that chair and online I found a lovely home for sale and called our realtor. The house was already under contract, but hours later we somehow found ourselves … house shopping. Completely, totally,  not at all in the works … or in the realm of conversation. Except that suddenly it was, because I randomly searched to see what was available in our price range and found a cute house. And one thing led to another. But we all know I wasn’t in the drivers seat.

We looked at a few houses the next day, and spent some days thinking about what we saw. We were absolutely drawn to a specific neighborhood. We poured over pictures of homes from that neighborhood for a couple days. We studied the interior pics and room sizes and figured out which ones we were interested in seeing. The next day we went and looked at five more.

And somehow, when you walk into a house and it just feels right, you know you’re there. You know you’ve found home.

And finding home is really a completely random thing when you weren’t actually thinking a week prior that you were being led that direction just yet.

All I want is the Lord’s leading in my life. And apparently sometimes that means I’m looking at houses and I don’t even know how I got there, but I did. And it felt right. Nothing felt forced. And I found myself asking Brian, Is it really this easy to get a mortgage? I thought…I thought it was going to be like … practically impossible? But…???

But God. That’s what.

So we made an offer, and they countered, and we countered back and it’s very surreal to me still… The sellers accepted our counter offer on Sunday afternoon and WE are BUYING a HOUSE! And a taller Christmas tree come November.


Tonight we drove by the house and noticed the neighbors across the street were outside talking. So? We stopped and introduced ourselves. Can I just say that sent my excitement meter into overdrive?!  It did.

I’ve often wondered where our next home would be and what the people living there were like. I’ve prayed for them, having no faces & no names but knowing that God did.

To say we are excited…to say we feel blessed…it’s all such an understatement.

We get to take this house, this brick & mortar structure…and turn it into home. I’ve been looking forward to this longer than you can imagine. It’s not just about “owning” a house again after renting for the past few years. It’s not about having decorative freedom with it either. That’s all fun & great and I am reeeeeally looking forward to it, but to us, this is so much more than a real estate transaction. This is a surge of roots growing deeper into our sweet town and with friends that do life with us here. We have found it in our church at Grace Chapel. And now, it gets even sweeter with this place.

I feel like I am standing under a deluge of blessing pouring down over us. My heart is wide open…I don’t deserve this kind of goodness. I never could have dreamed that life would look like this.

There’s actually even more to share. Stay close…


~ by hthr on May 29, 2009.

7 Responses to “light the way.”

  1. Congratulations! What a beautiful story and what a cozy lovely home. I can’t wait to see all the creative things you come up with.

  2. When I read your blog I feel GOD leap through the computer. It is encouraging, comforting and refreshing to hear how GOD is working in your life. How can anyone deny HIS existence? Thanks for being so transparent and allowing others to be encouraged by your words. Love you guys and miss you bunches.

  3. Neighborhood please! will you still be at Moore? Will I be running into you at Publix? Congratulations! I’m very excited for you. I hope you’ll be close.

  4. I finally found your blog! Congratulations on the house. I can’t wait to hear more about it at Bunco… hope you’ll be there in June.

  5. Hope you have an awesome birthday!!!!!

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