One Word: Revolutionary

When my husband came home Friday, he found me sitting in his new chair, wrapped up in a blanket and watching last nights Greys Anatomy on the DVR. He was all bright faced and “Babe! The house look amazing!”

I only spent 5 minutes per room today. Same as everyday this week. But its catching up…my plan? is working!

Here’s what I’ve got it down to. (Yes, it’s only been 5 days and I have it down to a science!) I gather up 4 things in the doorway of the room I’m working on: a hamper, a garbage can, a dish pan & a bucket with cleaning supplies – dust spray, glass spray, concentrated floor cleaner, a can of scrubbing bubbles, roll of paper towels, dust cloth & rags.

I start at the room furthest from the laundry room (for me that’s the master bedroom & bathroom) and set the timer on my phone for 10 minutes (just b/c it’s two rooms put together). I grab up any dirty laundry and shoot it into the hamper. Grab any garbage and toss it in the garbage can. Take up any dishes from the night before and put them in the dish pan just like a table busser would and that alone takes me less than a minute. Already an improvement! Then I can see when needs to be cleaned.

In the bedroom/bathroom Tuesday for example, I cleaned the glass on the nightstands & mirrors, made the bed, vacuumed, & cleaned the countertop, sink & faucet. Wednesday, I did my initial round of garbage, laundry & dishes and then knew I wanted to dust the bookshelves, clean the shower (just spray it down and come back to scrubbing it when I’m using it), mop the floor, make the bed, hang a few clothes. I did it all in 10 minutes. Thursday I cleaned the countertop & sink again & toilet, made bed, put out new candles, dealt with paperwork … you get the idea. But what happened was that it was essentially clean when I got going Friday and so it didn’t require much for me to do “cleaning-wise”, but I was able to organize and straighten up a few things. It wasn’t that I was telling myself I would get to it later. No. I had 6 minutes left and was going to accomplish something because there was no WAY I was leaving a room before the timer buzzed at me! I have found myself looking for things to do and clean and straighten and its just starting to feel really nice. Really.

Same goes for other rooms. The kids bathroom today? After picking up the laundry, which took all of 15 seconds, I ended up organizing their kajillion hair clips into separate containers by type. That’s all I needed to do…it was still really nice & clean from yesterday! I was tickled. What a rare gift that the kids bathroom would actually be presentable!

By the time I work a path through the house, I end up in the kitchen/laundry area where the hamper, garbage & supply bucket all belong and the dish pan gets plopped on the kitchen counter to be loaded into the dishwasher. How much easier does it get than that? It ends up where it needs to be!As I find things along the way that need to be put where the belong in another room, I just put them in the bucket so I don’t take the time to make trips down the hall with them & back again. Trying to make the most of my 5 by staying IN the room for all of it.

8 rooms. 5 minutes per room. 40 minutes worthwhile. Dancin around to my fav music – I actually even broke a sweat a couple days … I must’ve been burnin some calories too. See? Multi-tasking!

I don’t know why I didn’t think of this 10 years ago!! Seriously. This really works! Yes, I know its only day 5 of my try-it run, but I’m loving it! As if, I would actually love cleaning. It’s not about making it perfect. It’s about making little dents everyday. Today, I used 3 minutes to clean out behind my daughters bed. She loves to stash stuff back there. All better now and where its supposed to go. Some of it? The garbage can. Shhh!

I think I’m on to something here.


~ by hthr on May 16, 2009.

6 Responses to “One Word: Revolutionary”

  1. I am glad this is working out for you! If only I had more than a bedroom I was living in… you would be inspiring me 🙂 Give me a few years and I’ll take up your idea!

    You are so funny, i love reading your posts!

  2. This post made me so happy reading it! Then you really made me smile talking about organizing hair clips! Great job! I think your onto something too! And it’s got me thinkin….

  3. Okay, okay… I’m definitely going to have to try it now. In fact, it took me FOUR and a HALF hours to clean my DOWNSTAIRS on Sunday afternoon… yes, that’s 240 more minutes than it would have taken you! 🙂 Do you count five minutes in each bathroom? I know I’m getting technical on you here, but I have to know the rules if I’m going to break them, which I know I will. 🙂

  4. oh yes! 5 minutes each room. bathrooms too! switchplates, floors, toilet, faucet, sink, mirror, counter, tub….lots to clean. straighten under the cabinet, fresh towels, laundry out, garbage empty, straighten drawers/shelves/whatever…. 🙂 You can do it! but ONLY 5 min a day! Tomorrow awaits for more! Seriously – my house was trashed when everyone left this morning, and it looked pretty darn amazing 40 minutes later…no joke.

    Do it quick & get on with it! We don’t live to clean our houses (although my children seem to think I do?) Try not to leave the room – have everything you need nearby! i cant wait to hear how it went for you!

  5. Ok so I tried today, I made it through 10 minutes of cleaning. I was motivated and moving. 🙂 Did the kitchen for 5 minutes, it didn’t even make a DENT. Then moved onto the Living Room which looked awesome when I was done….however the girls were napping during this cleaning frenzy and didn’t like the cleanliness so they destroyed it in 3 minutes.
    I am not giving up though, the way I figure it if I motivate the boys to help then I get 15 minutes per room. 🙂

  6. Glad this is working for you. I’m not sure I’m personally up for 75 minutes a day though. I did vacuum all the rooms upstairs, straighten out Stephen Jr. and Alden’s rooms (even unscrewed the permanently attached changing pad from her dresser), clean the game room, vacuum the stairs, do a couple loads of laundry and sort through a week’s worth of junk mail though (All while Stephen Jr. played with Alden – YES, He played with her.)…Oh, AND I read your blog. Not bad, huh?

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