Housewifery 101

If Housewifery 101 were a class, I would NOT be the teachers pet. I know this because if someone mentions that they could swing by my house, my blood pressure begins to rise. That blank stare I’m giving you? I’m really just picturing how I left the house that morning and debating the quickest line of attack for an emergency pickup session.

Which is terrible, because I. love. company.

And, we are not messy dirty people. I think we just don’t have assigned places for things and that is our problem. So there.

Well anyway, I love it when people just drop in to visit. I have used that as motivation in the past to keep a clean house. Someone might drop by and I want it to be clean I’d think. I mean, I had no life and never saw the light of day, but it was clean. Somewhere down the line, I lost that piece of motivational cheese. I think it was a combination of we had a lot less company (when we moved to TN) and I found myself nearing clean-house defeat on a near-daily basis thanks in part (like 90% part) to my preschool age children. Also, I decided that I wasn’t the only person who had a problem keeping up, so I became a little more okay with it.

But I’m totally not okay with it!

For me. For you? Oh, it makes me all giggly inside because I know I’m in good company. I just like you more when I see that you are human too.

So, because I know I am not alone, AND my blog served me an insane level of accountability last December, I am going to try something new and see if it works for our family, and if you want to join along, I want you to do that too. (At your house, not mine).

I am beginning a routine of a 5 minutes per-room-per-day pickup. That means that because I have 8 rooms in my house, I will invest 40 minutes a day to cleaning up. Picking up whatever is laying around, vaccuming, dusting, hanging clothes, cleaning mirrors, organizing, putting papers away – all of that. I’m gonna hit one room, and when the 5 minutes is up, its on to the next. If my 5 is up and it looks good, I”ll straighten a drawer or closet, or … I don’t know…there’s never a lack for things to be done.

I kinda think I can get a LOT done in 5 minutes if I try hard. 

The kitchen requires attention all throughout the day, and mopping the floors is totally another chore in my mind, but I think this 5 minute thing will serve as great maintenance. 

I’m gonna try it. I’ve been wanting to, but I just know my personality and I require the accountability. So try it with me if you want! And if you would drop in on me for coffee or tea, that would be awesome too.  

Okay, so the kids get off the bus in exactly one hour, so I have 40 minutes for pickup & time for a cup of coffee. Yes! I’m out…


~ by hthr on May 12, 2009.

4 Responses to “Housewifery 101”

  1. This is a great plan! I’ve been keeping up with things a lot better lately, on the same sort of plan you’re talking about. I’m worried about school letting out soon though. Hmmmm

    Oh and I LOVE the pants you made for your daughter. So cute! What pattern did you use?

  2. Hey. I am in, my house prob needs more that 5 minutes per room per day though. I am gonna make a HUGE 5 on the white board so I have a visual to motivate me. HA! I want to see the pants you made too. I am sure they are fabulous, everything you creat is 🙂

  3. Oh my goodness, what is it with all my blog friends and cleaning… I think I see a recurring theme here that is making me sweaty… you’ve seen my house! It CAN’T be done here in Five Minutes… no way… it would take five hours… my friend Kristine has a “decluttering” theme going this week on her blog and all along I’ve comforted myself in the knowledge that I’m not any worse than others I know… but the truth is, I am worse… I’m as bad as the next house plus all the dog hair… yuck! Anyway, I guess I need to get off my blogging butt and get on the cleaning bandwagon… bummer! 🙂 Seriously though, you can still drop by any time, I know you would never judge me! 🙂 Love you girl!

  4. Heather…this is an awesome idea…I am going to try it myself. My project room/home office are a disaster, I have a couple piles in my bedroom, new recipes to try on the kitchen bar counter, stacks of catalogs received in the mail in the living room, ETC…yes, I will give this a shot though I have the rooms you do, it has got to be a great way to motivate myself to stay current on my junk!

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