It’s Mothers Day…

… and my kids are driving me crazy today. Can I say that? My kids are driving me crazy.

…and I’m especially fired up about my husbands gift to me. That of going to “the doctor” tomorrow. You know…”the doctor”…the one that (supposedly) will ensure that my baby-making days end gracefully. And with a pack of frozen peas, from what I understand. This is all I will officially say about the topic because my husband? Very private man. And me? Very excited about this “gift”. So. Very! Excited. That is all.

And, because I care about your budget in these tense economic times and all … you should know that the dollar store sells pregnancy tests. The guy in there knows me by now. He always smiles with this sparkle in his eye and says, “Today’s gonna be a great day!” And I’m all, Yep! It’s gonna be awesome! Thanks, see ya next time! and then I run next door with a full bladder to Old Navy to use the bathroom. Because 10 more minutes to home would be entirely too much to ask of me.

… and I miss my mom. Her card didn’t make it there on time, her gift is here as usual, and I, the only child, am thinking I should have hopped a plane to be with her today, instead of send a plant. The gift that keeps on giving as long as she of course, gives it water. And she will. Sadly, I did not inherit her green thumb. Mine is very very black. Just wait till I show you what happened to my hydrangeas.

My mom is so wonderful, and if I had a hard drive of pictures, I would show you one of her. [I’m still freaking out about that by the way. The black hole my hard drive dove into…] Black hole, black thumb, I see a theme developing. Oh, and Brian came home from Haiti drinking black coffee!

Mom raised me mostly as a single mother and we are very close. I can’t fathom raising my kids on my own and have an incredible awe for those who do, whether it was their choice or not, it is truly amazing. My weakness speaks volumes to how awesome my husband is and we all notice when he is out of town, but also to how incredible my mom is. I never felt like I was missing out on anything growing up. She taught me what was important, and the older I get, the better I get it.

You don’t need much. You just need to take care of what you have. Make it last longer.

You need to present yourself well. Because people? Like it or not, they size you up before you open your mouth. This is not vanity – this is simply taking care of yourself and looking nice. I’m pretty sure I nearly gave her a heart attack on many occasions with my definition of presentable.

Work hard & do it right the first time. I can remember getting down on my hands & knees with a paring knife, a rag & a bucket of hot sudsy water and her telling me to clean the woodwork. She definitely took pride in using elbow grease to get a job done. And often, she had to do it herself. She is one determined woman who didn’t stop when she got tired. She pushed all the more to finish. Still does. And would always say, “You’ll feel better when its all done”.

She always trusted that God would provide. And He did. And she made a point to acknowledge it. Although I will never grasp what it was like for her to raise me alone, all I need to know is that God’s Hand was all over our lives. Because even then, I knew that no matter how things shook out, in the end we would be okay. I can’t imagine a better legacy than that.

~ by hthr on May 11, 2009.

One Response to “It’s Mothers Day…”

  1. Yes! You can absolutely say that! Yesterday was one of my most difficult as well. Funny.

    Your mom sounds like a great person! After days like yesterday, I don’t know how these single parents do it. Really, it’s got to be so hard. She’s a wonderful example!

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