Lets try…blogging from the iPhone

Well, well, well. My husband has been in Haiti for 5 days and committed to a media fast while there. Before he left I told him about a guy who went on a missions trip with his cell phone and roamed the whole time, ending up with a $100k cell bill. Like, we just paid off $100k, let’s not go through that fun again over the opportunity to text & tweet, ok? (details on that bill totally not confirmed, but the thought of even 1/100th the size? Makes me sick.)

I didn’t think Brians media fast would bleed into my techno world, however Sunday morning with my coffee in hand, I discovered that my laptop was DOA.

{chirp, chirp}

{chirp, chirp}

So I got the sewing machine back out & whipped up some pants for my daughter. And by whipped up, I mean, took my sweet ole time. And still managed to make them backwards & opposite. Ridiculous. Oh, but most enjoyable!

Alright, so I’m just checkin in here from the wordpress app on my phone. I’m not too fast typing on here, but don’t give up on me. Darn! I had so much to tell you too! We’ll see if I can even manage to push this to the web!

If you have been thinking of upgrading your Mac, now would be a great time to sell your old one to us! {wink, nudge}

I guess I know what I’m getting for my birthday. Of course, I’m all about celebrating early!


~ by hthr on May 6, 2009.

2 Responses to “Lets try…blogging from the iPhone”

  1. I’d love to see those pants! I’ve been working with a girl from church, making a shrug for her prom dress and I’m stressed out to the limits. It’s so much harder when you’re sewing for someone else and not just one of your kids/husband… you can’t just say, “Put it on and love it!”

  2. I didn’t know you could sew! I love to sew. I try to sew something everyday. You should try selling some things on ETSY. GReat craft website.

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