On mission

For many years, Brian has said he wants to go on a mission trip. Okay. Cool. And we have bills and babies and how exactly is that to happen? And where? And with whom? His desire has been burning for a long time, and at last, the door has been opened.

Last night, Brian flew out of Nashville with a group of close friends. They weren’t headed to an industry event or conference. This time, they were headed to a children’s village & orphanage in Haiti. The Hands & Feet Project. They aren’t there to take a tour and check it out. They are there to serve. To build, to play with children, to do whatever is needed … to see the heart of God there at the orphanage.


[l-r; Jeremy, Blake, Brian, Bill, Joe, Chris & Jamie. & also Mark who is not pictured]

We covet your prayers for them. For their health & safety. For their hearts & minds. And for all that goes on at a much higher spiritual plain. I keep picturing the vision the Lord gave me and claiming it as a promise of protection.

Please pray for their families too … we all have little ones who will be missing their daddy’s and we don’t expect that the phone will ring until they are back on U.S. soil.

This could be heart changing. It could be life changing. Whatever it is…we know God is the Author. Our lives are not our own.


~ by hthr on May 1, 2009.

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  1. […] My husband and some of his buddies left on their first mission trip to the Hands & Feet Project in Haiti. We got a chair. But not just any ole chair. I began a 5 […]

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