Is it possible to be exhausted just from excitement?

The week we came home from California, Brian & I were having dinner and he said to me, Babe, something big is coming up.


No, REALLY babe. This is HUGE. I need to…

“I get it.” I really need to stop interrupting “I’m good! We’re good! Do whatever you need to do and don’t worry about us. Just let me know if you won’t be home for dinner BEFORE dinner.”

So for the past 7 weeks, Financial Peace Plaza has been all abuzz with work on the Town Hall For Hope.

At least that’s what I’ve heard anyway. My only contribution was that of prayer and keeping my husband in clean socks & underwear.


But can I just say that even being a step removed from the whole event has been a really amazing experience? It has.

In fact, I’ve struggled to formulate nice neat sentences describing it. There is a lack of words for what I felt surrounding those Town Hall days, which happened just over a week ago already.

What started as an idea only seven weeks prior (I think that’s right?) came to reality last Thursday night as a live simulcast sent out to over 6000 churches & theaters, radio stations around the country and a commercial-free feed on the Fox Business Network. Can any of my Lampo friends confirm whether or not it set a record as the largest webcast in history?

That morning while driving the kids to school, I saw a banner by the road of a church who was hosting it that night. And I imagined how less than 12 hours later, folks all around the country would be pouring into churches to watch this event. I prayed for those who would be on the fence about attending after a tough or tiring afternoon. For those to whom childcare might be a hindrance. For my friends in Florida who were busy with their own lives and were putting things aside for a night to host & volunteer for the event and extend hope. And for the many thousands of others around the country of whom I didn’t know a face or a name, but were doing the same.

It’s overwhelming some days. To see how God places people together with talents and skills – gifts from Him – that are being combined to help people and ultimately, to see God glorified and lifted up. I could only think straight enough that day to pray. I literally trembled before Him.

The Town Hall For Hope was a pretty big deal. Over 2 million people made time in their Thursday night for it. Dave offered his input on the state of the economy and took questions live. He told us not to be fearful. He made suggestions of things we can do. And he shared where true Hope lies – in the One with nail scarred hands.

I can’t think of any better news than that.


~ by hthr on May 1, 2009.

One Response to “Is it possible to be exhausted just from excitement?”

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