Pressed But Not Crushed. And I Don’t Mean Orange Juice.

This morning I reported for duty to our daughters school where I had volunteered to proctor the TCAP’s. It’s one of those uber important bubble type tests. I didn’t know what I was supposed to be doing – just that they needed help, and I was available. I soon learned that “proctor’ is just a fancy word for “hang out and make sure no one is cheating”. That’s it. I literally sat in a chair for 3 hours and did virtually nothing. It was completely silent. I read a bit. Wrote a lot. And then I wondered why I didn’t volunteer for all 4 days of this?

I filled in some of my planner throughout the morning and made quite a few lists to take some of the chaos out of my brain and into ink. I read the latest issue of Cooking Light (my favorite magazine, which thankfully was tucked in my purse along with the rest of Saturdays junk mail) and then had a little snack.

At the break, I went over to my purse and debated checking my email on the phone. Because it was absolutely driving me crazy that I hadn’t checked it in over 2 hours and I was certain that something pressing was happening and I was needed somewhere. Like, ebay? But, that might be breaking the rules, and I. am. a rule. follower.

So I took the Bible out of my purse instead and returned to the desk.

I read back through the many pages of notes I have taken the past few months at church. And then started back again and began looking up the Scriptures that were listed. I love how I can read a specific portion of Scripture and then find myself unable to stop reading on. That happened again this morning. I was so engrossed I couldn’t even put it down. You’d think it was Twilight or something. No! It was the Word of God. I couldn’t get enough.

This image. This movie clip of what I was reading was going through my head. That our enemies were coming from all sides in armies and droves and we were completely surrounded and we ended up in the very center as they were closing in. As far as the eye could see were these enemies. And not just “bad people” or different countries. No. It looked like people and they wore armor, but they represented sins and struggles and all that Christ washed away on the Cross. Depression. Lust. Deceipt. Addiction. Thievery. Murder. Porn. Pride. Rebellion. And on…and on…All these things by the hundreds of thousands were charging in around the center.

Now picture the actual center where Christ is, and us being in there with him, which I can only best describe as inside a glass cylinder. Because the closer these enemies got to us, we could see them, but they could not touch us. And as determined as they were to come and destroy us, they could not. Because when they came in contact with the realm of where the Lord was holding us, they shot up in a flame and became but just a vapor. A flaming vapor. And we were protected. And they were destroyed. And they were charging fast and hard and a circle of thick firey vapor in bright colors shot up like a skyscraper.

Nothing can separate us. Nothing can destroy us if we are in His hand. We know how it ends. And this. This is the core of my hope. It is in Christ and nothing else.

I wasn’t sure where I would find myself applying that for the day, but then this afternoon I was having coffee with a couple of friends. And the topic of our President and the changes being proposed in our government came up. The potential was there for a knot in my stomach as we discussed the atrocity of how our leaders are attempting to remove God from every facet of our country as we have known it up to now… but for this vision I’d had just hours previous.

Pressed but not crushed. Persecuted, not abandoned. Struck down, but not destroyed.

The news these days is unsettling. So much feels uncertain, but for this one thing: Demons flee at the mention of the name of Jesus. Satan can not attack us if we know who we are in Him. Dig, y’all. Find his promises and claim them!

All my hope is in You, God.


~ by hthr on April 21, 2009.

4 Responses to “Pressed But Not Crushed. And I Don’t Mean Orange Juice.”

  1. Thank you so much for the very encouraging post Heather! It was just what I needed.

    You’re SO right! It gives me such a happy/victorious/indescribable feeling to know that we are Pressed but not crushed. Persecuted, not abandoned. Struck down, but not destroyed!!!

  2. Two things… first, that post ROCKS and makes me wish I’d signed up to proctor… hehehe Second, is that in Scripture, that demons flee at the name of Jesus? Sonja and I tried and tried to find that verse and we finally decided it was something we’d just heard all our lives but that wasn’t specifically written… can you enlighten?

    Also, as per the president, you know the one who wants Jesus covered up and who likes to kill babies and stuff, yeah, him. I have decided a couple of things… first, it doesn’t really matter. We know this day is coming, have known it for a very long time, because it was prophesied in Scripture that Satan would make his charge and our Lord will reign. I don’t necessarily relish the thought of living through the tribulation, but no matter what, My God is still God, even if the whole thing goes to hell in a hand-basket because I know I am NOT going to hell! Grace ROCKS and Satan is a jerk! The second conclusion I have come to, and maybe this is just because I am a right wing, Christian radical, potential terror threat and all that, but it’s very possible that times could get bad enough that MANY would turn to Him. I find it so interesting that God is more “sparkly” in countries where people are more “dusty”…. I think that’s because they don’t have the same options we have…. they have to depend on Him, there’s no one else there to get the glory when He shows Himself for the King that He is.

    Okay, sorry to hijack your blog…. you just got me thinking.

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