TV help!

The cable guy just left. We did a slight upgrade to our tv lineup and now I am completely lost as to what I have access to. I haven’t seen cable in years!

So, please tell me – what are your favorite shows? I need to get the goods on what to set the DVR to record!


~ by hthr on April 13, 2009.

4 Responses to “TV help!”

  1. Top Chef (Bravo) and Project Runway (Bravo) are two of my favorites!!! I think the rest of my favorites are on reg. tv.

  2. Here are some of my favorites you may not be aware of and which you might enjoy, too:
    Leverage (TNT)
    Kings (NBC)
    The Mentalist
    Burn Notice (USA)
    The Closer (TNT)
    Income Property (HGTV)

  3. Project Runway, LOST, Martha, Barefoot Contessa…. those are probably my favorites. Good luck with your programming!

  4. House Hunters! It’s on HGTV.

    I actually got on your blog to find info on town hall for hope. Can I watch it online?

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