Not gonna lie…

…I’m a little scared of tornado threats. Also? I’m thankful that my kid’s hockey helmet fits me because I’m wearing it right now. That is how excited the weather-ladies have gotten me. I could easily be mistaken for a traffic cop that goes around on a horse. Minus the horse. Also, I am ready to dart into the bathroom and hug the base of the toilet so I don’t fly away.

Where I come from, you know a hurricane is coming a week or more before it shows up on your doorstep. You can plan.

Tornado’s? Ummm….not really a lot of warning. Not much at all. Here I was enjoying the rainy day, and now I’m wearing a helmet, hearing sirens and am glued to the tv listening to my weather friends.

This has confirmed my desire to start saving for a Tornado Safe Room for our next house. They pretty much rock. I think. Meanwhile, I’ve got the external hard drive and photo backups with me. The rest could blow away and that would be okay. When you gotta duck & cover, do you take anything with you?


~ by hthr on April 2, 2009.

2 Responses to “Not gonna lie…”

  1. I’m totally with you about tornadoes. When I know the weather is “likely to produce tornadoes,” I put a blanket, a flashlight, my purse and my husband’s wallet in our tornado hideout. I make sure I’m only a few steps away from that room until the threat has passed. I think my husband thinks I’m a little too dramatic sometimes…oh well.

  2. Growing up here in TN, this is very common for me. Yet I freak out this time of year, every year, even when I was a little girl! Although I CAN testify that I never once took cover before, I mean we always knew we should go “under the steps” at my parents house, but not once did we. Once after becoming a mom, I was staying up at my parents and McKinley slept through an entire night of awful storms. They live on a huge hill, and the bedrooms upstairs….oh the worry! My dad and I were up all night together watching, waiting, losing sleep. God bless that baby that slept through it though. I can’t imagine us all cramming int hat pantry with a crying babe. Here….I generally push Chris’ clothes aside just in case we gotta all duck in the closet! But I’ve never even thought about what I should “take.” Crap!

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