Adventures in Garage-Saling

[This post is really choppy & not at all cohesive and … well … I can’t help it. I blame the fact that I’ve been sick for a few days and that I have a lot to say and little time or attention span today to get it typed out. I’m sorry. And – I don’t say this enough: Thanks for reading my blog! xoxo]

When I was growing up, my mom and three of her sisters would have an annual “Hook sisters” garage sale. This was a very big deal to our community as I recall. Because basically – they had collectively awesome junk. And a lot of it. Clean, pressed, packaged, whatever…it was like playing store. So having a garage sale has always been “in me” as a fun way to pass on extra stuff and pocket a little cash.

Brian on the other hand, has never understood the fun aspect.

I promised him six months ago in front of God and my parents that I would never have one again, however a few weeks ago when our neighborhood marquee sign said “Neighborhood Garage Sale – March 28” I could barely resist. After all, I can only open my car doors on one side when it is in the garage.  Getting out of both sides of the car while it is parked in the garage is but a dream.

So I mentioned to my friend Tanya that I was thinking about having one and by the end of my sentence, when I saw the look on her face, I was excited because she wanted to do it & thought her motherinlaw would too. So home I went to purge more stuff from my house (and I was completely motivated having just strolled through a model home and noticed the lack of random chachki’s that are abundant in my home. Have motivation, will purge!)

So Friday night Tanya and I were setting up our “store” if you will and I was telling her the story of this girl who came to the last sale I had (the one when I promised B it would be the last!) She was high (not on life) and wanted to buy our coffee/espresso maker but asked if she could come and pick it up later because she was walking with her friend to do something. So I said sure, and left it on my doorstep for her to pickup later. And after a week, I got tired of looking at the stupid thing everytime I went to my front door, so I put it back in the garage.

As luck would have it, she wasn’t high enough to forget where I lived. I take that back. She WAS high enough to forget, but since this was a NEIGHBORHOOD sale, she had spent a portion of the day harassing other garage sale hosts & hostesses about the coffee pot they supposedly sold her “a long time ago”. Imagine my surprise when she and 3 other friends flew into my culdesac at 30 miles an hour and hopped out shouting for the coffee pot. We knew who she was. I just sat there with an amused look on my face. She was yelling and that made me kind of mad, because, really, no one wants to see your show. AND – I had sent the mini-Cuis to Goodwill months ago after I was tired of pushing it around. So I gave her her money back. Brian was shocked, and she probably thought I was the fairy godmother or something because she was not expecting it either. I really just was distracted by the fact that she wasn’t wearing pants and shouldn’t be driving. I wanted her to go away. Quickly. Tanya looked at me with wide eyes and I just shook my head, like, told you!

  • ***

I have to tell you about Taylor now. Because that child has a sales-bone in her body somewhere. She is amazing! I know, I know, it’s easy to be impressed with your own children. Whatever. She had a table of hers & Avery’s toys & games that they had outgrown or don’t play with anymore. When she would see a child approaching the drive, she would walk down, talk to them, and then escort them over to where the goods were. I loved it! Together the girls made $26 which is more money than they have ever encountered in their lives, so this was a good-day for them, and it got them a little closer to the American Dolls they are saving for.

I have never really wanted the kids to be near the garage sales because they pull stuff OFF the sale to KEEP. But last spring Taylor busted out with “We need to keep this for when our 2 year old friends come over to play so they have toys”. At first I was like Grrrrrreat. Where can I store this?! But I have to admit, I really appreciated her logic when I was babysitting and looked around to see Polly Pockets and markers and remembered the Fisher Price type toys in the closet! What a smart kid.

  • ***

Friday night, Brian was standing on the stairs talking to me and his feet were at my eye level. He was wearing these shoes that I don’t particularly like. So I was joking around and was like, “Give me those shoes!” And  he actually did, so I threw a sale sticker on them. And he laughed with me and went back upstairs.

So I forgot about them and here’s where the trouble starts. At the end of our sale, Tanya & Martha offered to take some stuff over to Goodwill right away, so, being “over” all the extra junk around the house & garage I was like YES! and pulled only a couple things out.

Y’all. I totally forgot about Brian’s shoes.

I was just teasing him in the first place, and they didn’t sell which would have been good until we had the sudden realization after the fact that – oh my word – your shoes went to goodwill! I tried to find some to replace the others yesterday, but just couldn’t. Well, I did, but let’s not make this a $50 mistake, you know? I am fully aware that flip-flop season is literally … HERE, and that my husband will all but shower & sleep in his flip flops for the next 6 months. It was a total accident…fortunately, he is laughing about it.


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One Response to “Adventures in Garage-Saling”

  1. Love the fact that high girl came back months later. I literally snorted while reading this. TOO FUNNY!

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