Nothing says “Welcome Home” quite like vomit.

(Back to Cali…) The valet suggested we get breakfast at a little coffee shop cafe called Joni’s around the corner from the hotel. I’m pretty sure he knew I liked coffee based on the fact that I had a Starbucks cup in my hand nearly everytime I got out of the car! The line was out the door as we approached it, and I could smell the coffee a few doors down, so I knew we had come to the right place!

Oh how I loved the feeling inside! “This is kind of how I see my retirement” Brian told me. My eyeballs roamed while he continued…”it’s like, friends coming to your place to eat. Nothing fancy, but it’s good food and there’s something to it…”

There was definitely something to it. Here we were in the middle of a concrete jungle known as LA, and there was this community of people in a small cafe who seemed to know & care about each other. I noticed a family at another table – they had a camera and Joni was showing them a map. She just took this interest in them. I loved it.

We encountered the nicest people in California. The sweet lady who did my spa treatment sent us Champagne & chocolate covered strawberries that night to our hotel room. I think I made a friend! I mean, even Patrick Dempsey said hi to Brian when they jogged past each other on the road. I will pause now so you can read that again. I have never debated my desire to run as much as I did in the moments following that information from my husbands mouth to my ears. I don’t know why Brian didn’t invite him to breakfast with us.

We went walking around Rodeo Drive and that whole area. What a fascinating piece of earth. Wonderful people, but you know what was surprising to us? The number of stores that were closed down and empty. Yup. Beverly Hills baby. It was very interesting.

My uncle, aunt & cousins have lived about an hour from LA for as long as I can remember. It was really wonderful to get together with them at their home. It has been almost 5 years since I saw my aunt & uncle, and probably close to 20 or 25 since I’d seen my cousins! They are so welcoming and have a beautiful spirit of hospitality. I loved our time with them!

My cousin Maurice’s wife Stephanie comments on my blog from time to time is a wonderful photographer in Orange County. She offered to take pics of Brian & I, and let me tell you, I don’t think she knew what she was in for. She has the patience of a saint! Brian & I are horrible camera subjects! Horrible! We’re like, okay, so what do we do? smile? look at you? now what? We are terrible! We just laugh at each other & kiss. That’s all we know to do anyway. Poor sweet Stephanie. She needs a medal for surviving a photo shoot with us! I am so excited to see what she got though…she is so talented! I’ll be sure and post my fav pic when I get them!

Other trip highlights?
Brian splurged and bought me a jacket at Anthropologie. It was my first time in their store after years and years of getting the catalogs. I was so excited just to check it out! We had a great time out to dinner with friends one night, had amazing food virtually every meal (I have so much work ahead to try and duplicate some things we enjoyed!), and although I’m not really into celebrity sightings (well, except for what my husband referred to as “my #2 guy” referenced above!) I have to admit it was fun to happen upon a few! The best part though? I re-discovered my best friend.

I had a lot of time to myself to think & reflect while we were out there. It was kind of surreal to just sit and know that I was not about to be interrupted. Laundry was not waiting to be done (not yet at least). There were no dishes in the sink. I was not worried about anyone’s schedule or homework. It was a new way to define “relax” because, remember, we’ve not gone away together like this since our honeymoon. And life was a lot simpler then!

The largest piece of that is owed in thanks to my mom & dad. They were staying at our house with the girls. My mom is on top of everything – she makes the household tick! I did not worry once about our girls. Can I just say how amazing that is? That is such a gift.

Well, it was great to go away, and on day 5, sitting at the airport being watched by fellow airport-people-watchers, I was ready to be home. Imagine my surprise when we boarded the plane and my new friend Meredith was not only on our flight, but in the row of the last 2 seats together on the whole plane! Pretty great I’d say! We talked virtually nonstop for the next 4 and a half hours. I know, it’s hard to imagine.

I’m happy to report that I wore almost everything I brought along, so what B thought was “overpacking” was not in vain. It was great to climb into our awesome bed with rock-hard pillows that night. But as I sat there downloading pics from our trip, I heard crying. So I went into Avery’s room and tried to comfort her. She coughed and coughed and then the cough was kind of bubbly and … oh my word! this is not happening! Ugh! YES, it totally IS … warm, wet & chunky. ((shudder))

Yep. That was a great trip. And it was great to be back home. The being-thrown-up-on part I could have done without, but the sweetness of being back with your family is like none other.


~ by hthr on March 27, 2009.

3 Responses to “Nothing says “Welcome Home” quite like vomit.”

  1. ack. patrick dempsey… that’s TOO cool. sounds like such a great time for you all… and I do agree that we need to do coffee again soon. maybe one late afternoon next week?

  2. Okay… seriously?!?? Patrick Dempsey! **sigh…..

    Glad y’all had a great trip!! Sorry for the abrupt welcome home! 😀

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