Making a return to Sunday Dinner

One thing that was always -always- the norm for me, all my life, was that the Sunday noon meal was referred to as “dinner” –never lunch– and most likely, it was the nicest meal of the week. Even though we ate breakfast and supper together everyday, Sunday Dinner was when the family all came together for an extended time around the table … and usually dessert. Good dessert.

As it turns out, Sunday Dinner is how I lured my future husband to come to church with me. He’ll be the first to tell you steaks on the grill helped lead him to Jesus.

I’ve never known life any different -and neither has my mom- so I’m not sure why I didn’t choose to carry on the tradition when I got married. Well, of course, one legitimate reason was that I couldn’t cook, but also anytime we lived near my parents, we were invited to their house for Sunday Dinner. That’s what its all about; the tradition of gathering together to begin your week. Family first.

When I imagine the big picture of my life, Sunday Dinner is an important piece. One, I’ve discovered, I’m not willing to let my children go without. Brian was excited when I suggested we make it a priority for our family, so, a few weeks ago we started being intentional about planning Sunday Dinner. The first week our friend Mallory joined us and we had a wonderful time. Except, I burned the rice. I always burn the rice!?!


It didn’t matter really. Not much anyway. We were all together, and in my mind, it was as though Brian and I were bringing back to life in our home, something my grandparents began over fifty years ago.

After dinner I was busy with some things and I turned around to see Brian standing at the sink washing dishes. It was all I could do to choke back the tears. No, it wasn’t earth shattering that he would be doing dishes. Although, I’ve been in some houses where that alone would bring a woman to tears of joy.

My grandpa always did the dishes after dinner.

I can’t remember hearing him complain about it. He just did it. He was built much like B, and so when I turned around and saw Brian standing there doing the same thing without mention, I just felt a familiar comfort of home. I had my parents and grandparents on my mind as it was that day just because Sunday Dinner is “what we do” and it just felt right that it would be, what we do too.


We had dinner again yesterday and loved it. Brian and I worked together early in the morning to brown a pot roast, cut potatoes and then later get the gravy to just the right consistency. I loved it. I loved the way our family all contributed and then enjoyed stopping in the middle of the day to be together.

I suspect that continuing this labor-of-love tradition will bring much joy to this mama’s soul. And even if our girls don’t continue the tradition when they someday leave home -this I know is true- they’ll remember.


~ by hthr on March 23, 2009.

5 Responses to “Making a return to Sunday Dinner”

  1. Hee hee – thanks for sharing the story AND the pictures – priceless!!

  2. I can totally relate to this, growing up in the South. You have me thinking…. And you brought back one of my favorite mealtime Grandpa memories. After any meal, ANY meal, Grandpa was in the cookie jar! We always heard the rattling of the pottery top and then my Granny would holler, “Willie, get outta them cookies!” And he always wiggled “his teeth” around in his mouth, I loved watching him do that with his false teeth!

  3. lol… priceless picture of you and the rice pan. You have a great writing voice… I’ve gotta work on my blog writing style skills so I can write a blog that’s actually interesting to read 🙂

  4. AWESOME. I love “Sunday dinner” traditions. Growing up we always went out to eat. On and off thru our marriage, we’ve gone out to eat, but we are getting back to it after a long dry spell, and it’s so nice. Reminds me of my childhood, and besides that, there’s nothing to clean up when I go home! 🙂 thanks for sharing.

  5. […] was waiting for just the right moment to bring me back to reality though. We started doing Sunday Dinner again (until we dismantled the house to move. Moving really messes you up!) Town Hall for Hope was […]

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