I guess it’s the thought that counts

Taylor is home “sick” today…she’s fine but had a rough weekend so we kept her home to be on the safe side. I’m enjoying the one-on-one time with her, which is rare these days.

This child loves to be in the kitchen. So this morning she wanted to make a family favorite: raisin bran muffins. As she was making them, she named 3 people she wanted to bring them to and then some for us.

A flag went up in my head.

“Honey, we should just keep these for our family probably.”
She wanted to know why.
“Well, daddy doesn’t like for mommy to give bran muffins to people.”
Why again.
“He thinks it’s weird. Just because they’re BRAN I think.”

So is it? Is it weird to receive bran muffins from someone? Really? Would you be like, What in the world? Wheres the blueberry or cinnamon? Taylor is curious.



~ by hthr on March 23, 2009.

4 Responses to “I guess it’s the thought that counts”

  1. I’d probably feel the same as Brian if I were giving them. I’d feel like, “Hey there, you look like you might be irregular, have some bran muffins!”

  2. I LOVE Bran muffins! I don’t think it would be weird : )

  3. i love your bran muffins! i asked you for the recipe one time…not weird at all!

  4. Brian is the weirdo on this one! They’re homemade muffins and given with love!!!! I’d be honored to be given some muffins, bran, blueberry or otherwise!

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