Happy Birthday Kim!

This post is over a month late because we just celebrated Kim‘s birthday this past week!

Kim’s husband wanted to send his NKOTB-lovin wife to their Nashville concert with her friends, and since the New Kids were not available ON her birthday, we celebrated a little after the fact! You know it’s a good time when your throat hurts the next day. Kim is in the pink skirt, and no, she DOESN’T still live in the 80s, but 80’s was the flavor of the evening!


Kim has an alter-ego named “Ms. O” and she is Organized. Like, darn girl! It is truly inspirational. She has offered to help me a number of times but I am too embarrassed to take her up on it. I’m afraid she might faint.

Just over a year ago, she invited me to a new Bible study at her church. She had read between the lines of some of my blog posts back then, and I appreciated so much her willingness to step out and invite me to something she thought might feed my soul. Her thoughtfulness brought me to tears and it has always stood out to me.

Happy Belated Birthday Kim! Thank you again for inviting us to your fab party and being such a sweet friend!


~ by hthr on March 21, 2009.

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