Happy Birthday Nikki!

I was excited to celebrate my friend Nikki’s birthday today!
(Here are Tanya (L), Me & Nik (R) at Christmastime this year.)


Nikki was one of my very first friends here in Tennessee. While Brian was interviewing, she picked me up and showed me all around town and told me so much about this new place I hoped & prayed we’d soon be moving to. I liked her immediately! She is warm spirited and lighthearted and I always feel like I can relax around her & her sweet family.

I’ve learned a lot the past three years while hanging out with my southern friend. Like, to enjoy the swimming pool. I never cared one bit about getting in the water before I saw Nikki enjoy it so much! Maybe this summer I will learn to swim. I’ve observed her ability to set limits on things so she doesn’t overcommit herself, which I really admire because it can be hard to say no sometimes!

Additionally – and this is just bonus material – Nikki is, in my opinion, an expert on the Rosemary Beach area. All I had to do was mention that our family wanted to vacation there this year and she sent me a link to the perfect place to stay. I can never get back all those hours I spent online searching for beach houses…but in 10 seconds…she had the info. And that teaches me to ask for help!

Well….Happy Birthday Nikki! I’m so very grateful for you!

~ by hthr on March 20, 2009.

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