Paint the Town Red. Thats what my uncle said.

Brian has been attending an annual radio conference that happens to fall ON our anniversary each year for the past 3 years, making this year the 4th time. This really is not a big deal to me. Not at all. I can celebrate anytime for any occasion and feel no attachment to a calendar in any way.

But with it being our 10th and all, Brian bought a ticket and flew me out to the conference so we could be together. He was still participating, but we were able to sneak away on our day.

And can I just say what an amazing day it was?

It was. It WAS.

In fact, I will tell you that it was probably the most fun we have had together …. EVER. Either that’s a big statement or we live a boring life. However I think a few posts ago I addressed the boring part.

Brian has always been terrible with surprises. I generally get my Christmas gift 72 hours before Christmas Day, and I think after 11 years together, he has finally rubbed some of his personality traits off on me.

Back when we were planning the trip, Brian said he would love to drive up the Pacific Coast Highway in a convertible. I may have blinked on the outside or scratched my head or something, but inside my wheels got to spinning. I researched the area and things to do and made some calls and rented a brand new Porsche Convertible for the day as my gift to Brian.

I spent hours thinking of how I would break the surprise to him on our anniversary morning. And then one night, watching 90210, this chick is driving up PCH and he points it out to me, and I just could not contain my surprise for him a moment longer. He just looked at me like, you did what? It may have also been, how much will that set me back? But for the past 6 weeks or so, he’s known it was a done deal and I have been pretty excited about it. (Also, i negotiated the price down by a lot of money, and he thought that was pretty hot. First the bed, now the Porsche.)

So the car came, and we walked out to it, and he just looked at me, like, what have you gotten us into?


We took off up to 3rd Street Promenade where we spent some time when we visited 11 years ago and shopped and had brunch. After walking around a while, we thought we would go up to Warner Brothers Studios and take the studio lot tour. What movie fan & “video guy” wouldn’t want to see that!? We had so much fun…it was quite fascinating to be in the sound stage and hear how movies were made right there under your feet and around you. We also were in the studio for Two & a Half Men and drove around the “jungle area” where scenes from Jurassic Park, Robin Hood, and quite a few others were filmed. We also saw Heath Ledger’s costume on display from The Dark Knight in the clothing museum, as well as some Harry Potter paraphanalia, The Matrix, some things of Arnold Schwarteneger (not as tall as I thought!) and other classic movies from the 40s and 50s. We saw so much movie & tv stuff that day that it is all a little lost on me now as to what I saw.

They took us into the prop house there on the lot and I thought it would be like HomeGoods on steroids (and it was) … I loved it … and then the tour guide was all, “let’s go in here….” behind a locked door and … seriously … I was so unprepared for what I was about to behold.

So unprepared. Fortunately for me, my bladder is strong.

Central Perk from the set of FRIENDS…


I have never in. my. life. wanted to sit on a couch so badly.

I had hoped we would get tickets to be in the audience for ellen. It didn’t happen. The light was even blinking when we drove past the studio, which means that they are taping. We saw her car in front of her office and drove around sniffing for George Clooney’s cologne. I think he was there too. That WB place would probably be a fun place to work. Not that I’m moving or anything.

Oh – they also told us how they do scenery on the screen. For example, these trees are real, however they have people who pull off every live leaf and then they wire plastic artificial ones on there. I instantly started rethinking why I didn’t buy up the leftover fall foliage at Hobby Lobby at 90% off when I could have. See the garbage bags full of extra leaves waiting to go up? They were getting the street ready for a new show…I think it might be called Enchanted??


After that we took a long fabulous top-down drive back to our hotel, got dressed for dinner, and then drove up PCH to a little restaurant in Malibu for dinner.

As much as I love photography, it was killing me that there were no pictures of me & B unless they were taken at arms length. Well partially anyhow…the other part of me was proud that I was just so thoroughly enjoying the day without great attempt at documenting it all. (I do have a lot of pics, but I know you don’t want to just look at me & old B! Boring!)

But don’t you know, just as we were getting out of the car for dinner, I turned around and a man & wife were walking toward us, and he motioned as if he were taking a picture. I could not have been happier; here we are.


Dinner was delicious, but just spending time with my man was better yet. Afterwards we drove back up to Hollywood to go to the Griffith Observatory. It was the only thing I had my heart set on doing while in California. I have been completely fascinated with astronomy for many years. This observatory & planetarium just went through a $93 million renovation and is just about the coolest thing I could have imagined checking out.

So we got there…and I won’t go into detail, except to say that we did not get to look through the telescopes and I had some big ole tears rollin on down my face before we left. I could not hold them back. Although we didn’t get to see a closeup of the sky that night – perfect night by the way, full moon and everything – we did enjoy this amazing view of Los Angeles from the top of the building…I’ve never seen so many lights in my life. The view on the other side of the dome was even prettier, but I didn’t want to walk all the way back over. This place was huge!


I’m not sure what my favorite part of our trip to California was. This was just one day of it, and we were there for 4! But I was clearly shown how important it is to take time to get away with your spouse. In 10 years of marriage and aside from our honeymoon, I can only remember one night that we went away together overnight for fun. After all we’ve worked through, especially in the past six years, we desperately needed to reconnect and remember who we are away from the kids and the office (sortof) and the house and schedules and … life, that has a way of clouding our memories of who we fell in love with and appreciating who they have actually become and dream of becoming.

Truly, my husband is God’s gift to me. I am blessed to do life with him.


~ by hthr on March 17, 2009.

4 Responses to “Paint the Town Red. Thats what my uncle said.”

  1. HOW FUN! Glad you guys had a blast.

  2. I’m SO jealous! It looks like you guys had a blast!

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