Family Night #1

Well, we’re finally getting around to starting what I’ve wanted to do for a long time now…Family Nights! I’m always inspired by Brandi & Heather‘s fun times for their family so I’m diving in – organized or not….I’m doing it.

It was a surprise to the girls to do this tonight, and being the first one, I wanted them to know we were going to do this from time to time because we love them, so our theme, (if you can call it that) was love. Our wedding anniversary is this week too, so it was a fun way to tie them together.

We hung felt hearts on the dining room light.


Nothing says love like a big piece of meat heart shaped pasta. Although, Brian grills up a mean steak. It was pretty perfect.


We read a couple books about love. Ave read one called Sisters to us that is one of my favorites…it’s about 2 girls who are very different but ends saying how much they love each other. The descriptions of the characters fit our kids so well. I love it!


Then, we drew pictures in an attempt to describe how much we love each other. It was sweet to see the look on their faces when they received a picture that was a visual interpretation of that persons love for them.


We all drew similar things, along the lines of things we’ve always said to each other; “to the moon & back”, “more than there is sand in the desert… raindrops in the ocean….” Great minds think alike I guess!


Then we made a special dessert and ended the night by piling up in bed and reading the last book, Love Is A Handful Of Honey. So sweet, and ends with “Goodnight…” and so it was.



~ by hthr on March 7, 2009.

One Response to “Family Night #1”

  1. WHOOOOOOO should be writing the book???

    I adore that last picture, btw.

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