It’s Kindergarten. Not cosmetology school.

My heart raced a little Friday afternoon when the caller id on my phone showed the girls school.

I live in fear that Avery will drop a cuss word in class or one of the kids will get their eye poked out by a pencil or some other sharp object (It happened to a kid I went to school with who is blind in one eye now…)

Fortunately, neither was the case. Some hair had been found on the floor near my child’s chair, and, upon further inspection, it had decidedly come from my child’s head. Split ends are one thing, but this was bad enough to warrant a call home to prepare me. As in, “Brace yourself Mrs. W. Your child may now need a new hairstyle.”

So much for ponytails this summer…
It’s a good thing I laugh a lot. Crazy kid!


~ by hthr on March 7, 2009.

2 Responses to “It’s Kindergarten. Not cosmetology school.”

  1. Ha!! Don’t freak out, but man, she looks so old in this picture–seriously!!!!!

  2. Oh dear sweet Avery. So do tell, was it a self makeover or did she have assistance?

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