Happy Birthday Uncle Bruce!

My uncle had a birthday yesterday and I tried and tried to think of how in the world I could share him with you in a nice little note.

I just couldn’t.

There are only a few things I miss about living in Florida; one of them is living near my uncle.

When Brian & I were engaged, he invited me to live with him to help me save money.  I regret that I did not pay more attention in watching him press a shirt. He does them better than the cleaners ever could!

When we went broke broke in 2003, we left nearly all of our belongings in our apartment near Atlanta and moved into the upstairs of my parent’s home in Florida with the basic necessities. A few months later, Bruce took a weekend & a couple days off work and drove Brian & I to the apartment and helped us pack up the rest of our stuff. As tough and unpleasant as the mission of the trip was, I loved having so much time with him. We could never have had each others undivided attention for that length of time otherwise.

At the last house Brian & I lived in, in Florida, Bruce would drop in and have coffee with me and see the girls on his way home from work. I always looked forward to the next time. Sometimes you say  you “miss” someone, and you do miss them in your head or socially speaking. Other times, you say it and it comes from somewhere in your heart that aches to spend time with that person. That’s how I feel about my uncle. Because my life is so “same ole, same ole”, I don’t call as often as I think of it, but every day he is on my mind.

I love him dearly. He is one of the bravest and most genuine men I know.
(Also, perhaps somewhat camera shy? I will keep looking…)

Happy Birthday Uncle Bruce! Miss you much…


~ by hthr on March 3, 2009.

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