mother hen

One of the toughest things for me as a mom is that I can’t protect my kids feelings from what other children say or do to them. I can do damage control when they come home from school, but even then, it’s only as they choose to tell me about their day. They are gone 8 hours a day … naturally, I’m not gonna hear about all of it.

Tonight at dinner, Taylor was telling me about a girl who bent back her fingernails. As in, a little girl bent back my child’s fingernails. And although I struggle to understand why she let her do it and didn’t pull away when it hurt, my heart sank as she told me about it.

After dinner, she got her pajamas on and I told her to come and sit in my lap. I wrapped my arms around her and trimmed her nails and with tears in my eyes that she never saw, I painted them her favorite shade of pink.

My sweet girl prayed at bedtime tonight that God would help her be a good friend … she is so quick to forgive. I wonder if thats why Jesus loved the children so much.


~ by hthr on February 25, 2009.

4 Responses to “mother hen”

  1. I can’t say exactly why this vignette has affected me so much, but I’m typing this through eyes flooded with hot, salty tears.

    I think, more than anything, I feel a little like Taylor in this story – having subjected myself to unnecessary pain caused by someone I thought was a friend. Except I find myself lacking the propensity to forgive so easily.

    I’ve felt like no one can really understand why this circumstance, long foreseen, has affected me so much. It seems I’m just kind of on my own, no matter how much anyone has tried to be supportive and encouraging.

    But this has reminde me I’m not alone. I have a God who, like you feel for Taylor, cares for me enough to clean up my wounds and put good things in their places.

    As “a hen gathers her chicks under her wings,” He longs to embrace me and let me feel this so that I can come through to forgiveness and wholeness.

    Thanks for sharing this…

  2. Goodness me, Heather…. I’m amazed at your strong, unfailing love for your sweet sweet girls.

  3. Heather–you’re such an amazing mom. i just had to tell you that. what a sweet way to “mend” Taylor’s broken spirit…

  4. […] on their birthdays (something that came to an abrupt halt when my laptop crashed in May). One of my most compassionate moments as a mom occurred when I found out Taylor was picked on on the school […]

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