Happy Birthday Aunt Frieda!

When I was a little girl, my mom had a friend who I affectionately referred to as “Aunt Frieda”. She was a little crazy in a funny sort of way and she was the first to admit it … we had a ton of fun together. She led me to believe that she talked to her car and her car obeyed her. It was pretty amazing to me as a 5 year old.

Last summer we went back to Indiana to see my family and some friends and for most of them to meet Brian & the girls for the first time. I knew that no trip through town would be complete without a stop on State Line, where Aunt Frieda and Uncle Marv have lived for 50-some years.

She looked the same, talked & laughed the same and had the same energy I remembered her as having 25 years ago. Oh, what comfort there is in that. Uncle Marv bounced the kids on his knee exactly as I remembered and Aunt Frieda had the girls come over and sit on her lap. I felt like I was watching my own self.


I soaked up every minute of our visit and wished it wouldn’t have to end. I sat at the dining room table where I had eaten so many after school snacks as a child, and now, she was feeding MY children cookies and juice. I felt like a kid again. It was as close to being transported back in time as I might ever know. Everything was the same. Except that, as we spoke I understood so much more. Still holding my juice and having another cookie, I found that I could read between the lines of conversation this time. It was one of those rare moments when it settled hard on me that I am a grown up. The only thing different in this house, is my eye level. I have changed.

I think she was as in love with my children as she was with me as a child. We went outside and all four of us girls sat on the swing in the shade. It was very special to me. They sang and then Frieda & Marv did ring-around-rosie with my girls. They are in their early eighties, and there they were, playing with and loving on my children. My heart was so full.


Whenever I read a note from Aunt Frieda I can hear her voice in my head as I go through it. The fluctuation in her voice and sometimes I even just stop and laugh a moment. knowing she would be too if we were face to face. I guess everyone has a computer nowadays, but I keep those handwritten notes. I love them. And today, I need to be sure and write one to her to tell her, happy birthday Aunt Frieda! With much love and sweet memories…

~ by hthr on February 24, 2009.

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