Happy Birthday Amanda!

I met Amanda the first week we moved to Tennessee. She is a true southern girl who can always rock the color pink! One of the things I love best about her is how positive she is. She is one easy-going and happy woman, always finding the good in things.

[Here we are waiting on Rachel Ray a couple months ago]


Amanda is one of the most joyful mother’s I’ve known. It’s a lot of fun to witness her lovin’ on her kiddos and their lil friends. She is so compassionate and anyone who knows her can testify to her sweet spirit and love for her family and the Lord…and lets not leave out Sadie, their dog who is more like a walking teddy bear!

Like many people, I feel blessed to call her friend. Happy happy birthday girl!
You are loved!


~ by hthr on February 21, 2009.

One Response to “Happy Birthday Amanda!”

  1. WOW…i had just randomly decided to see if you had written any new blogs and found THIS! thank you SO MUCH, heather, for your sweet sweet words and encouragement…i am blown away! love to you!

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