more than just a song

I have a worship cd from our church that is quickly becoming one of my favorites. There is a song on it that isn’t really ranking in my “top played” folder on iTunes though. I just didn’t love it. It didn’t fit the snapshot of my life as of recently is all.

The girls had turned the cd on tonight in the house and while I was busy with a blur of other things, I had a slow-motion moment where I caught the words of the song and just really heard them in my heart in a new way. I guess it’s a matter of what’s going on in life at the time. Tonight was my night to hear it anew and appreciate it for the first time in a more personal way. I’m so grateful for those moments when the Lord wraps His arms right around me and I know he saw & heard me cry.

…the malice of the evil one
Has left your perfect world undone
And you can’t find the strength to run away
The Father longs to love you where you stand
To pour out blessing on your barren land
He will restore with His mighty hand…


~ by hthr on February 20, 2009.

One Response to “more than just a song”

  1. I love when that happens!!! And it happens a lot! Like, I’ll be jamming to a really old CD (the latest happening of this was an old Newsboys CD) and a song I usually just skip plays – and BAM! there’s that impact. I totally get you.

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