link love

its been a while since i threw some links your way. I’m just plain digitally lazy. And other kinds of lazy too sometimes. However my reader & bookmarks are overflowing…must. purge. favorites. … love, hthr

If You’re Sitting There With Spit-Up On Your Shirt :: [sigh….this should be included with hospital discharge papers & newborn care instructions. Believe every word!]

8 Things That Destroyed Our Marriage :: Refine Us. This brave couple is generously sharing insight that you need to consider. Please go….

Remember this? Okay, then you’ll appreciate why I loved THIS so much! As if I needed another reason to love the Pioneer Woman.

The Many Faces of PMS :: What Would Martha Do? I thought I was a freak of nature who had issues, but apparently I’m completely normal! This is the best blog read of my life. Or at least my month maybe?

Whoa! Must be a full moon…Brian blogged this week!

Oh, AND…I was trying to be all technical this week and learn how to make a widget and get a feedburner kahooey. Brian ended up taking over. But, now you can get my blog posts emailed to you. Just for you Tanya! And the rest of you, of course! Just look over to the right at the end of the margin and click on the white letters where it says to subscribe. Now you’ll never miss a thing. Aren’t you just so excited?!


~ by hthr on February 19, 2009.

One Response to “link love”

  1. Just wanted to say thanks for the link to our site…God is so good and is using it in some cool ways. Thanks for helping us get the word out and helping people find hope through our story.


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