Birthday Blog

My test kitchen idea was a good idea. I think it had great potential, however I realized something about 3 meals into it: I didn’t care.

I love to eat. I especially love to eat with friends. It’s one of my favorite things. I do not however have the time to blog about it. So I’m dumping that idea, because also, I’d just like to say it sucks to put time into preparing a meal and then really not know if it will turn out & taste good or not. I’d rather make my old faithfuls so I can relax and have more fun. That’s it.

SO. In honor of my 30th year and whatever year you’re celebrating…I’m celebrating the people close to me, rather than what I feed them. If you are in my iPhoto program or your name is written in red on my calendar, chances are high that I will write about you on your birthday. This idea could tank also, but I’m committed. And just so you know, I’m fairly certain that a majority of these people do not read my blog. But it’s okay, I will brag on them anyway because I am hthr and that is what I would like to do.

I have some catching up to do for January & early Feb. I should have written this idea down last November what I first thought of it. As usual, I’m now late to the party.

~ by hthr on February 18, 2009.

2 Responses to “Birthday Blog”

  1. Oh, sad! I was hoping one day you’d make the couple of recipes I sent you and a ton more that I have – but hey, I totally understand. I like your new idea!

  2. new idea is better…. cooking is overrated, particularly cooking variety… my family doesn’t want anything new anyway, they always complain when they have something they’ve never seen before! 🙂

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