Aww, Valentines

As per usual, I got to sleep in Saturday morning…Valentines morning, when I thought, “Oh crap! I should have been the first one awake to surprise THEM!” Didn’t happen. Brian had already run 5 miles by the time my eyes saw the light of day and I woke up to him sliding across the bed saying something like “I. Am. Two-Oh-Eight! I’m in the Two-Ohs!!” I was very excited for him and noticed that he did not eat more than 3 candy conversation hearts all day. The man has some serious self control! He didn’t even eat the chocolate covered strawberries he made for me later that night!?


We had a great day together; made pink heart-shaped pancakes for the kids and relaxed at home all morning. The girls were playing and drawing together; Brian & I were side by side on the couch with laptops & coffee. We went out for a nice lunch, spent some time at the bookstore and then refueled at Starbucks. Later B grilled some monster ribeyes & cracked open a bottle of wine. For whatever reason I let the kids eat candy all day…they were so hopped up on sugar we just had to let them wiggle & giggle it out for themselves after lights out.

I was going through my blog reader that morning and found where our blog friend Pete Wilson had written a post basically saying ‘you can find a better movie for V-day than Nights in Rodanthe. Don’t waste your time.’ That’s what I read anyway.

I was crushed. Brian & I have had some fierce disagreements on the quality of Richard Gere movies, but I have wanted to see this movie for a very long time (nevermind the fact that I forgot it existed until I saw Pete’s post). Still, we rented it, and can I just tell you, this movie wrecked the much anticipated “latter portion” of our Valentines evening? I was a crying mess. I’m sure I did not even kiss Bri goodnight. [My dad can’t stand Richard Gere. He is probably mumbling something about him even as he reads this.]

Here are my sweet lil Valentines…we hope you had a great day! (and as always, Avery says “you rock!”)



~ by hthr on February 15, 2009.

2 Responses to “Aww, Valentines”

  1. Your girls are getting so big! Wow! sleeping in would be a treat for me!

  2. I love that picture of Avery and I have to say that I laughed at the whole Richard Gere thing… poor Brian… sat through a chic flick and let you sleep in for NOTHIN!

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