Valentine Sweatshop

In case you’ve had your head busily buried somewhere, this Saturday is Valentines Day. Day-after discount roses will not make up for you having forgotten THE day. You’re welcome.

When the girls got home from school today, I was ready to start making Valentines with them. I had printed out heart shaped outlines on paper for them to cut out. However … half a heart into the cutting process, and I realized I should have done them myself earlier in the day. So I politely took over that job and let the girls get started writing them – which turned out to be a good call because we spent the next 3 hours writing out valentines. Ave put the standard to/from on hers & Taylor wrote a little message to everyone. Cute stuff, different for everyone of course…to one boy, “You are strong.” and to the Asst Principal, “You are doing your job right” … I’m sure a first graders seal of approval is just what she’s looking for. Customer satisfaction, right?


We talked about all kinds of things this afternoon… what kind of pencil each person would like with their Valentine (no candy…am I a jerk?), how to spell…., boys who are friends (they talk too much about having boyfriends. I don’t like it! Brian doesn’t like it even more!) and Jesus who loved us more than ever. “For God so loved the world…” i said…and Taylor finished and then added some more loving Scripture-sounding wisdom.

Finally, all 49 were done…we were all surprised we made it to the finish line still happy. Three hours is a long darn time to be writing notes. No wonder they fell right to sleep tonight.


So…class Valentines for Kindergarten. [check]
Class Valentines for 1st Grade. [check]
Taylor’s Valentine box. [check]
1st grade party supplies…[sigh]
Valentine plan for the fam….[in progress]
Stress level. [moderate to keeping perspective]

I give myself 4 stars for remembering to make it fun and not stressful this afternoon. I gotta be honest; the beginning of this Valentine project had the potential to make for a difficult afternoon. But then I was reminded that She’s 5. And she’s 7. Their cards are not supposed to look like their mom or dad made them. Make your own if you want them done your way. Just chill. So I did, and I had to bite my tongue a few times, and we did have to start over on a couple, but it was okay and we had a really good time. One thing is clear to me; my girls absolutely love their friends and teachers. Only positive things were spoken around our table. I love that.

I loved Valentines Day when I was a kid. I would put a lot of thought into identifying with the Valentines I gave. They needed to really represent my inner self somehow, but my selection was going to be limited based on what was being marketed that year. Which box set would it be? Smurfs? Strawberry Shortcake? Rainbow Bright? I’m thinking Care Bears probably won out early on. Teddy Bears later in life? My mom always had a surprise waiting at my place at the table in the morning. I would be anxious to see what my friends had made or chose to give. I would look at my Valentines over and over again at home, memorizing my friends’ handwriting and thinking the kids who used pen were pretty cool. Man, I sound like such a loser.

Brian & I never really do anything for Valentines because our anniversary is only a month away. But lately I think that’s kind of a lame cop-out. The girls notice everything…it was one thing when they were too little to know any different, but they are smarter than me now, so I have got to get with the program. I want them to think back on things like Valentines Day and smile because they loved and felt loved. Just like I do. I think we’ll start with some pink heart-shaped pancakes.

How do you celebrate the big red day?


~ by hthr on February 11, 2009.

3 Responses to “Valentine Sweatshop”

  1. Awww man, I hate Valentine’s Day… now I’m going to be thinking though, that I want my boys to remember B and I doing sweet stuff for one another and want to do that for their spouses… argh! Guess I’ll have to get in the spirit. I can never just do things a little bit so I’ll probably be up all night tomorrow. thanks! hehehe just kidding, but it is something to ponder… how they see it.

  2. Same goes for us. Our anniversary is March 18, so I like to save to good stuff for then. Valentine’s Day is a fun, cheesy gift holiday.

  3. Your Valentines are darling and your blog is great! I’m going to add you to my list, if it’s OK?

    I had fun last night finishing up Valentines for my kids. We made these little fortune cookies and yes, typically I’d be a monster micromanager, but thankfully I’m fevered an lethargic right now. Yeah!

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