The German French’s.

Once upon a time, before children & while living in the human sauna otherwise known as Florida, I worked as a secretary in a church office. All day long, people would come in & out of the office and we would chat and I would try to help them with whatever they were needing. Umm. Not counseling or anything. Just phone numbers and stuff like that. I loved it…those were some of the best times of my life. Seriously. If I could go back there, and it were here, I would do it in a heartbeat.

Anyway… one day, a lady named Nan came in the office. I had only met her a couple times previous but I knew for sure we would be fast friends, so I suggested maybe we could get lunch or coffee sometime. And she said, “Oh! well….” and started naming off other girls in the church that were right around the same age as me for me to get to know. “No! I want to get lunch with YOU!” I told her. She thought I was crazy, but almost 10 years later, she remains one of my closest friends (and by now she knows everything, so she’ll have to stay that way!)

We don’t talk on the phone once a day, or even once a week. Maybe once a month we get in a catch-up phone call and we’re good. There is nothing high maintenance about us or our friendship…when we are together, it is as if we’ve never been apart. She has a few years experience on me as a mom and I have been blessed to learn from her over many cups of coffee through the years. Being an only child (with a stepsis & stepbro too) I feel entitled to call the shots on who I call family. And I have a couple friends, who are what I think a sister would be. And Nan was the first one of those.

SO. Imagine my off the wall excitement (we’ll have to patch those holes before we move) when she called me and said that her husband Randy had accepted a call to Pastor a church in Northern Alabama a couple months ago! I told her, Nan! That’s only 2 hours…we can meet just for coffee if we want!!

Fortunately, their oldest daughter (who calls me “aunt hthr” … I love that!) goes to college in Nashville. So this weekend they all came up to check out Tiff’s world on campus, and then drop over and spend a few hours with us. We packed up a big ole picnic and headed out. It’s hard to believe they live 10 hours closer to us now…I think my life just got a lil sweeter.



~ by hthr on February 10, 2009.

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