In addition to doing laundry, I also perform small makeovers

You know that spot in your house that is out of control? It like … attempts to bite you when you get near it?

At our house, it’s the kids playroom. It’s the room that vomits shreds of paper and crayons and beads and who knows what. We can spend two hours cleaning it, and in only 2 days, it will look like a grenade hit it again.

One of the perks of being home alone all day is that I can go into this room without interruption and with a very large garbage can. I just….don’t like to do it. However, that’s exactly what I did today.


Although standing in the room made my heart race and my palms sweat, I just picked a corner of the room and got started. Normally, I keep the door shut during the day just because walking past it and looking inside makes my blood pressure rise, but I chose to be extra calm about it all today standing practically ankle deep in who-knew-what.

It’s kind of hard to be mad though when you find stuff like…
cut up kleenex & shoe boxes with different colors of shredded paper as nests for her stuffed animals. This is under Taylor’s desk at the corner of the room…the little kitten is in the kleenex box & chicky is at the left. I did not disturb. I just couldn’t…


Also left alone; the bead bracelet suspended by the cut off border of a pad of paper, looped and taped through the window handle. I have no idea what that’s all about, but I’m sure it took some thought.


aaaaand, then I discovered the empty Little Debbie snack box in her desk drawer. It had gift tags on the back which she was apparently planning to use. [sigh] that I threw away. Actually, I threw away 2 garbage bags full of stuff…


And then when I made my way over to the piles of stuff on the table, I sat looking through Tay’s sketch book and found this:


Aww man. I know it. I know I don’t understand. I know I get frustrated. And honestly, I know my expectations are just too high sometimes.

The point of the playROOM was that it be a room for them to enjoy. And you know what? They enjoy the heck out of it. And I guess if that means I have to take a few hours every month and do a deep clean & reset the shelves & baskets, I should just smile and do it. My kids are creative. They love to draw and write and create and build stories and things and pictures and spaces … I don’t want to squelch that for anything. Not even a clean house.

But I don’t want to live in a pig sty either.

So I’m finding balance. Some days, that means I close the door. Other days, I debate various configurations of totes and baskets and cubbies. Then I go to Target, look in the tote aisle, and roll my eyes at the lady next to me and say, “I just can’t do it. I can’t spend 8-bucks on one tote…” and she nods her head in agreement, and I walk away and come home and am reminded of how blessed we are just to have joy, and creativity, and enthusiastic children. And I look within myself and find my own enthusiasm. That for serving my children. One playroom deep-clean at a time.



~ by hthr on February 2, 2009.

One Response to “In addition to doing laundry, I also perform small makeovers”

  1. Holy cow! That last pic doesn’t even look like the same room. Good job!

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