If you were a fly on our living room wall last night:

hthr: So….I’m sorry you were doing your 25 things thing on Facebook last night and lost it all when you bumped a button or whatever. I know you were mad. You wanna talk about it? Anything you want to tell me and I can post it on my blog? I might have more readers than you have facebook friends. ya think?
B: what was your top reader day?
hthr: 153.
B: 282 friends. [smirking]
hthr: whatever. You don’t know them all.

B: I’m really bummed that disappeared. It took me a long time to come up with that stuff. What are you typing?
hthr: Nothing. But I’m a fast typer aren’t I? did you see how many wpm i typed on my test?
B: yeah & it scares me.

hthr: Alright, the first 5 minutes of LOST. were you hooked?
B: no. i wasn’t hooked until later. I actually watched the first 3 or 4 episodes & dropped it & didn’t pick it back up until 3 or 4 into season 2. that was before video online was big. but i got caught up & was hooked.
hthr: bleh
B: its a great show.
hthr: thats what you keep telling me.

hthr: What are your favorite daddy moments?
B: I love waking them up in the morning. One eye sneaks open & then a hug … they put their arms out & I pull em up & give em like a piggyback ride on my back & stomach & carry them to the kitchen. I love that.
hthr: oh. no wonder they’re grumpy when i get em up
B: how do you?
hthr: I say, “time to get up!”
B: I love having one on one time with them. Their personalities show through. Its neat to see the type of girls they’re becoming. I love being a dad.
hthr: …and will you or will you not eat a donut at Kindergarten Donuts for Dad in the morning?
B: yeah, probably. 1.

hthr: Are you gonna be grossed out when they lose teeth.
B: no. thats just part of it.
hthr: Do you need a shot of estrogen?
B: No, it would make me sad to miss it. I get to be a part of it…I’m not sad about that. Cant stop it. Cant keep em babies.
(he said this all while holding Averys teddy bear. I dont think he realized it)

hthr: Since we’re being mushy, tell me about me.
B: i love the fact that you dont (stop typing.)


hthr: Tell me what you think about on your drive to work in the morning.
B: Depends. I’m usually already mentally at the office so i’m thinking of my to-do list or tying to figure out how I’m gonna get stuff done or conversations I need to have. Either that, or its a good sports day & I got sports talk radio on. Inevitably, my short drive is a commercial break & it sucks. Like I’ll catch a minute & a half of Mike & Mike in the morning and they’ll come out of commercials & tease just as I’m turning the car off.
hthr: Sorry. I think you’re blessed to live so close.
B: Believe me, I know I am. I’ve had those long drives. They’re great one way.

hthr: So do you like shooting or editing more?
B: hmm. theres a diff between ‘like’ and ‘confident or experienced’. I’m better behind the wheels at editing, but i enjoy the shooting & lighting … I could get lost in editing on something I’m excited about. I love my office without windows – time just disappears.
hthr: I love that you love your job.
B: I love that I get to make my job what I love. and I love that I get to work with people that I love. Thats huge.

hthr: do you still still want to go skydiving?
B: Depends. Some days yes. Some days no. I say … “not by myself”. If I could get some other people to go with me, yeah, I’d pull the trigger … and I’d probably take a camera.

hthr: Okay, so our 10th anniversary is coming up.
B: I cant believe its been 10 yrs already. blows my mind. (we’re staring and googly eyed) Doesnt it? Does it really feel like we’ve been married for 10 years?
hthr: I guess not but only because we’ve moved so many times. It goes kind of quick when you keep packin it up.
B: Do you remember when we were first married?
hthr: In general, yeah.
B: What do you remember about when we were first married?
hthr: (edit, edit) … i remember that you made 21k a year and we thought we were rich enough that i didn’t have to work anymore, so I quit my job.
B: how scary was that?

ON 2009
hthr: Tell me a goal you have for this year. The one you’re most excited about.
B: Weighing under 200 lbs and going on a family vacation. Those are the two I’m most excited about. What about you?
hthr: I’m looking forward to learning more about my camera & taking some good pics. I’m a little intimidated … are you falling asleep?
B: No.
hthr: Do you have any regrets?
B: Sure. I don’t dwell on em. (He smiles at me and blows me a kiss) You?
hthr: shrug. I don’t know. If it got us here I can’t regret it. We were called brilliant on two counts last week, so I’m feeling pretty encouraged.

hthr: so how come you keep promising the kids a dog?
B: I dont.
hthr: (for the record, yes he does). When i was at school today, i looked on the wall outside Tays class and her paper said “my family has 1 boy & 6 girls”.
B: 6 girls?
hthr: Max & Lucy were in the picture (their stuffed dogs).
B: What were the others?
hthr: There weren’t others. I guess that explains her math grade.
B: Honey, she would give up ALL her toys…
hthr: she would HAVE TO because a dog would choke on them.
B: you know we’re eventually gonna have to get a dog.
hthr: you know you’re eventually gonna have to get a vasectomy.

It got kinda quiet after that, and B dozed off. Such are our evenings. However, the contacts in his phone include a new doctors number today.


~ by hthr on January 30, 2009.

2 Responses to “If you were a fly on our living room wall last night:”

  1. So, were you holding out on the dog until he agreed to the snipper? 🙂 You are so creative with your blog… I’m jealous. I wanna be you! 🙂 Your gorgeous AND creative. So, I’m the reason we still haven’t had coffee, aren’t I? I am so interested in getting to know you more. I just know your my kinda girl. Thanks for coming to the meeting yesterday. We had a meeting last night that was great too, I’ll tell you about it over coffee. 🙂 Oh yeah, and when you do the dog thing, just do rescue and then you can get a puppy that’s past the chewing thing. 🙂

  2. I second the no puppy thing- they are cute the first day you get them. 7 months later and mine still chews!!!!! Rescue is good though – too many dogs without homes- to bad our rescued dog was a puppy! 😉 We are bonding though. Working through our differences. =)

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