Which Wich is YOUR favorite?

Remember just over a year ago when our friend Chris Thomas chomped & blogged his way through all 50 51 Which Wich …wich’es?? (I can’t link to it because he deleted them! aghh!)

Well, Chris is second in sandwich fame only to Jared from Subway, and…he’s back for more. Kind of…but this time he invited his blogging friends along to a sampling party of 10 new wich’s. (edited: 8 new wiches. I can’t count.)


Last night we packed out our local Which Wich, kids & all, and the owners, Colt & Tricia brought out trays with fresh, hot samples of each of the new creations. Now, when I say “sample” I don’t mean “taste”… they are very generous with their “samples”. (Are you annoyed by my use of quotation marks?) For me, 4-5 bites per wich. Do the math… That’s a LOT of food!

Taylor & I had two favorites right off the top: The Bac-Hammon (Bacon & Ham with lettuce & tomato). This is not some microwave bacon here. With all due respect, we are talking formerly healthy well-fed possibly well-loved pork! (And I don’t eat pork. But I did last night because I had a chat with the girls on the way over about trying everything & having good manners!) I was still craving it at 11pm last night! It was delicious! You should go now and get one. You can finish reading this when you get back.

Our other favorite was the Chicken Pesto Wich. Of course, I’ve never met a chicken-pesto-anything I didn’t love. An entire sandwich of this would hit the spot any ole’ day. If you love what pesto’s got to offer but you’re not into chicken go for the vegetarian Caprese. (Have I reminded you yet of how amazing their rolls are?)

All of that “try everything” talk came back to bite me when I discovered there were two wich’s featuring SPAM on the list. Spam was new terrain for this taste tester. I won’t tell you I loved it, but I have to say – I was pleasantly suprised! The Spam & Egg-wich was pretty tasty with warm melted cheese all over it! Show me a Dutch girl who doesn’t like cheese on something. Anything. I dare you to find one!

The best part of our local Which Wich is not the pellet ice, (although that would rank high since I have been known to use the ice dispensers at the hospital after visiting people.) And it’s not their addictive chips (oh dear!) … No… at our location … it’s the people.

You know that feeling you get when someone is glad you came to see them? That’s Colt & Tricia. They don’t look through you or past you. They look you in the eye. They talk to you. They want to be sure that you have everything you need to enjoy your time there & your food. And they succeed. It is always so nice to eat there for that reason alone. And then there are the delicious sandwiches too~!

I suggest you go get you one. There are 50 51 to choose from after all! I bet just like me, you’ll have trouble picking a favorite! There are Which Wich’s all over the country so click here and find one! And if you live in my neck of the woods, go say HI to Tricia & Colt and all the rest of their awesome staff who love to serve so enthusiastically.

Thanks again so much to everyone at Which Wich for a great evening and to CT for mixin it up with blogging yet again!


~ by hthr on January 27, 2009.

4 Responses to “Which Wich is YOUR favorite?”

  1. yummy… now I have to go get one! 🙂

  2. Trisha and I are so glad that you enjoyed the food and the experience. We and the entire Cool Springs team had a ball serving you guys.

    Willing to serve as a “taster” again?

    Best Wiches!!

  3. You are so complimentary and I will sure pass it on to the staff. We always try to have as much fun serving as everybody does being served. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts and I’m glad you loved the Wiches!!

    “Brian” (sorry, couldn’t resist the quotes)

  4. Wow…reading this really made my day. What a positive VIBE. Thank you…hopefully I can make the next BLOGGER TASTING PARTY. Best WICHes!

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