There is someone I’d like you to meet.

Her name is Katie Davis.

My friend Ondrea wrote a few weeks back to tell me about Katie & encouraged me to read her blog. As I delved into it, I was just in awe. Then I met Katie last week along with a group of other ladies and, well … I am still processing what I heard and saw and felt that day. But I can’t stop thinking about it.

Katie is a 20-year-old mother of 10 orphaned little girls living in Uganda.

Yes, you read correctly. TEN.

After high school she went to volunteer in an orphanage in Uganda and clearly felt called to return. She began teaching at a school there where she has 150 students, most of them Kindergardeners. And I thought volunteering with 20 for an hour had the potential to be nerve wracking.

To hear her speak is nothing ultra-polished or rehearsed. She did not try to WOW us or engage in exciting, showy conversation. And yet, I couldn’t help but be wowed and humbled as I listened to her tell stories of how children have come into her life and into her home in need of love and care. How, in this foreign country and new culture, this girl can just arrive and move and know that the Lord had called her to do this radical thing and trust and know that He would provide her needs.

Her stories might make you weep. Or maybe like me, you would just sit and be silent, moved & stirred so deeply yet unable to form words about it. That night I attempted to describe to Brian not only what she said, but to relay how thick the Spirit of the Lord was on this woman and in the room where we all gathered to listen to her share her heart for orphans. But words failed me then, and continue to do so even now as I type.

I found myself feeling silently angry with my children that afternoon as they came home from school. They hadn’t eaten their lunches. They threw their clothes on the floor. They argued stupidly over toys and junk and yelled at each other and it was all I could to not just burst into tears thinking of Katies girls. Some left orphaned by AIDS and some left abandoned and alone. We have so much. We think we want & need more, and we have no idea how much we really have.The fact that we have each other is a gift unto itself. As frustrated as I felt with my kids, all I could do was gather them up and hug on them.

I’m discovering a struggle greater than that with my kids though too. It’s within myself. Not everyone is called to move around the world on a mission. And not everyone feels called to adoption. But we are all called to love. And sitting in my warm, comfortable home I am fully aware that even with all that I have, I do not love my family as best I could, should, and want to.  This is a matter of the heart that can only be wrangled in prayer. It’s such a difficult realization but also a mark in time spurring me toward more time in the arms of the One who loved us first and loves us best.

I have battled in my mind a lot since meeting Katie. Even sitting and listening to her speak, I thought, No freakin way. Twenty year old girls do not do this kind of thing. Twenty year old girls in Brentwood go to the pool with their boyfriends, and the mall in their convertibles. This girl is delivering babies, feeding over 100 kids lunch & dinner at her house, inviting all of them to take the only bath they get all week – at her house – on a Friday night and after leading them in praise & worship for a couple hours they have a slumber party. She is pulling teeth with exposed nerves, caring for children stricken with Malaria and Scabies and adopting them because there is no one else who can speak for and make decisions for them and their well being. Her hope was not that they could have masses of toys and things, but simply a pillow and a blanket of their own.

But she was there speaking so raw & honest from the heart. Her pictures are moving. The journaling on her blog lets you know, this is no ordinary girl. This is a girl who is literally being guided by & provided for moment by moment by the hand of the Lord. I have wondered many times this last couple weeks if she is an angel.

She has something embedded so deeply in her heart and soul that it can only be from above: to love these children to back to Him. I don’t think I know how to love like that. I don’t know where that comes from, except through the touch of Christ in a Supernatural way.

You go read the blog. You look at her pictures.  I promise you won’t be the same. You will want what she has. Maybe not the Ugandan lifestyle she lives, but you will experience what it is to walk hand in hand with the Father. When you have nothing, you have everything because you have Him.

Katie has set up a non-profit organization called Amazima Ministries (Uh-Mah-Zi-Muh). Her goal is to sponsor each of the 150 children in the orphanage so that they can stay in school this year. $300 will clothe, educate, and provide healthy meals & medical care for one child for an entire year. As of yesterday, she has only 30 more children to sponsor for 2009. You can find more at her blog

Please pray for Katie as she comes to your mind. She is returning to Uganda next week, where I am certain, a group hug like no other awaits her.


~ by hthr on January 13, 2009.

5 Responses to “There is someone I’d like you to meet.”

  1. You ROCK! I am SOBBING reading this… I am going to send this link to alot of folks because no one has nailed it like you did. If you weren’t there, there’s just no way to understand what you’re saying. The Spirit was so heavily in the room that day, I don’t honestly think I’ve felt His presence like that in my lifetime. Thank you for writing this!

  2. What an amazing story. I shall visit her blog.

  3. Wow. That’s all there is to say. Thank you for sharing this story and the link to her blog.

  4. I came across Katie’s blog for the first time yesterday, and she hasn’t left my mind for a second since then. Thank you for sharing her story with your readers. I, like you, have been struggling these past two days with the silly things we fret about and the burden that Katie has taken. What an amazing inspiration. I can say, with all honesty, that Katie has changed my life.

  5. […] getting settled was JOB ENOUGH for me!). Here’s something that made me laugh out loud. Also, I met Katie Davis, and began thinking of sacrifice and love and children and life in a whole new way. And I […]

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