Making it special.

My friend Julie has slumber parties with her daughters (by the Christmas tree, no less!) and plays flashlight tag on the ceiling with them. “How do you come up with that? What kind of book on being a cool mom did you get that I obviously never did?” She didn’t know. It just came naturally. She’s seriously awesome.

I was leaving the girls school a week or so after I read about flashlight tag at Julie’s blog and this woman in the parking lot says Hi to me. And I think to myself, do I know her? So … I asked her to tell me her name (again), and she’s all, “Oh, I’m so-&-so (I’m so mad. I forgot her name already). We live in your neighborhood. I recognize you from the pool this summer.”

“Oh NO! The pool? You recognize me from being half-naked at our neighborhood POOL??!!” My hands were covering my face … I was apologizing and she was laughing. AT me, WITH me…I’m still not sure. “I’m sorry I don’t recognize you with clothes on!” I told her. I wonder if she’ll ever talk to me again.

Well ANYway…it was her son’s birthday that day and she was telling me how they made blue pancakes for breakfast. “Blue Pancakes? How do you think of that?” She said her husband just thought to add some food color to them for fun. I’m curious if it’s a burden to be so creative?

I told her about Julie and she marveled at that a moment. We agreed a book should be written to help us all along on this journey of flashlight tag and colored pancakes. Stuff that makes the world go round for our little ones.

Tonight, the girls wanted pancakes for supper so as I added water to the mix, I thought some vanilla and cinnamon should go in there too. And Tay walked in the kitchen and said, “What is that wonderful smell? Is that … VANILLA?!”

Oh my heart! My child can detect pure vanilla extract 15 feet away! I realize of course that had nothing to do with the topic of this post, except that I did add star shaped confetti sprinkles which were pretty cool if they hadn’t already melted into the batter.

So this is no book, but I see you reading it. Please share some things that are just randomly fun that you do with your kids, or that you remember from childhood.

Free or nearly free stuff…help us all make some memories. Go!


~ by hthr on January 11, 2009.

6 Responses to “Making it special.”

  1. I remember my mom doing something fun at our equivalent of Halloween. She made what we call Kladdkaka (a chocolate cake that’s baked on the outside and sticky with chocolate on the inside). She coloured it green using food colouring and also made the whipped cream red. It was very much appreciated by both me and all my friends!

  2. On Earth Day, we turned off all the lights in the house, cracked some glow sticks and ran around the house waving the sticks in the air making funky patterns. I bought the glow sticks (15 multi colored bracelet size per pack) from Michael’s for $1.50. The BEST $1.50 I’ve spent in a long time. Now, it’s a special treat to play in the dark with the glow sticks and they look forward to it and get super excited when they see me pull out the container.

    Building forts is also a big hit around here! Especially when it’s forts & glow sticks combined!

  3. I always loved making tunnels and such out of pillows, blankets, furniture, and sometimes cardboard boxes.

  4. My grandma used to cut untold numbers of people out of the sears catalog for me to play paper dolls with… oh wait, there’s not a sears catalog anymore… never mind! How about this one, I accidentally came up with a desert my kids LOVE called “Paper Cups”. I take filo dough and shove it into a tiny muffin tin. I put a pat of butter and sugar/cinnamon into the “cup” and bake until crisp. The intention was that they would later be filled with custard, but my kids got ahold of them before I got them filled and a fun dessert was born. Now they ask for them ALL the time! 🙂

  5. my kids are in charge of creative ideas. so they beat the stuffing out of each other for entertainment.

  6. Our girls like to do makeovers and photo sessions, and with being 7,5, and 2…. makeup is a rare treat, but we go all out with foundation and eye shadow, mascara, hairdos, etc. and then let them have fun posing. I enjoy it too and it provides fun memories (and scary glimpses of what they may look like in 10 or so years). They also are all into dancing right now so we have taken to trying to learn some fun and new dances. We pull up different ones on You tube and make total fools of ourselves, or at least I do. We have done Soulja Boy, Cupid Shuffle, Cotton Eyed Joe, etc. I like your blog though because this is an area I could definitely use improvement on. 🙂

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