no news is good news. but also remains “no news”

I had to look and see what I had blogged about last. I feel so out of it! What is it about the weeks following Christmas that puts me in a trance?! Happens every year. Oh well, I’m starting to come back around and get back into the swing of things. I’m feeling much better with our new wall calendar in place! At least I have school stuff copied over so hopefully I won’t goof again like last Monday!

On my way to the bus stop Tuesday afternoon, I noticed some beer cans in my yard. I can not remember offering to host a party for the neighbor and his friends?! Fortunately for me, one of the partygoers left her student id behind. I should probably call her, huh? That would be an exciting call for both of us. Thanks for keeping me up 4 hours past my bedtime the other night listening to you yell, and squeal, and do who-knows-what in the shadows of the night outside my bedroom window. Feel free to come and pick this up from me next time you’re in the neighborhood.

In case you’re dying to know how I’m doing with my New Years ReSolutions, I’m happy to say that every clean piece of clothing in our home is hung up on a hanger and I am working toward being the best darn launder-er my husband ever knew. (not ever. just ever that HE KNEW.) I have made “leaps & bounds” style progress this week. I think he is impressed. When I saw my friend at the bus stop she was all, “HEH-Thurrrr. Duh-RY Cleanurrrrrs!!!” But, as many times a week as people ask me, “SO. What do you DO all day since your kids are BOTH in school now?” *ahem* I figure I can add something else to my list and not feel ho-hum in my conscience about it. I do laundry. And you?

Once all my clothing was together on one rack, I confirmed that pink was definitely lacking, so I hit up the mall and got me some. I think I like it. I was not mistaken for a Mister today, so so far my plan is working 100%. That may not have been the case a few seasons ago when Tommy Hilfiger was in the pastel phase. But I think we’re all past that now. Maybe.


And, even though I haven’t been feeling all that great this week, I have at least attempted cooking a few new things; one of which nearly started a fire. Seriously…smoke filled kitchen, sparks flying off the cooktop & about 1/4inch of blackness on the bottom of the pan. It tasted great despite the smokeout. Brian assumed we’d need to budget in a new pan for everytime we might make it again, but somehow, it came clean just like new. He put all that muscle power to work with the scrubby I guess. Viva la mincemeat spice chicken!

My friend Marianna asked me the other night how many blogs I read. So I had to sit and count them up because I wasn’t sure and until I WAS sure, I couldn’t get it off my list of things to do. My husband teases me that I say I never really read, but I really do read a lot – just, a lot of blogs rather than books. I subscribe to roughly 238 RSS feeds. Certainly, I don’t comment on all of them, but thats mostly just because my feed reader requires extra mumbo-jumbo run-around for me to be able to make comments. It’s a pain in the butt of a 3-step process for me but I try to do it as time and compulsion allow.

So am I nuts? (Don’t answer that.)
How many blogs do you read? (Answer that.)


~ by hthr on January 10, 2009.

3 Responses to “no news is good news. but also remains “no news””

  1. and I thought my 121 was a lot… maybe you should share some because I’m dying to read new ones. love the pink!

  2. I have 68 on Google Reader. A few are inactive but others are hyperactive, so I guess it balances out.

  3. good lord, I have trouble keeping up with the 35 my reader!

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