Our staycation WAS literally one of “Staying Put”

I think there were at least 4 days this week that, other than going to workout, we did not leave the house. We stayed in our pajamas, played the Wii, napped, colored, read, surfed, dreamed, & celebrated.

No shopping. No working. No errand-running. Nothin. It was pretty boringly great.

So our intentions to hit up Cheekwood, take the kids roller skating, experience the Loveless Cafe, & see the lights at Opry all died a died a simple death because our pajamas won out.

Bri took the girls to see a movie New Years Eve and then brought home dinner including two of my favorites … Pumpkin Ravioli from Wolfgang Pucks & a Pumpkin Spice Latte. Who needs wine pairings when you can have coffee pairings! Ever the home-bodies on NYE, he was asleep on the couch by 10 because caffeine has no effect on him after 6pm. Unfortunately it does affect me and I was still buzzin into the wee hours of the morning with my NYE date asleep at my side. Such New Years romance we share.

Unable to sleep, I sat and read through my blog posts from 2008. What an amazing year it was! Some highlights …

  • Taylor asking Jesus into her heart! It happened about 3 weeks ago at church…its gotta be the best thing we could ever hope for.
  • Paying off the last of our debt! We don’t have payments for the first time in 10 years!
  • July visit with my brother and other family & friends.
  • Building our first big snowman. She was so lovely, but lasted only a couple hours.
  • Experiencing the Lord’s incredible provision when Avery broke her arm on vacation in Florida
  • Doing life with friends, specifically the excitement of those with little ones born this year and the fun of watching them change from week to week, my friend Jen who had all but given up on having a baby – and then became pregnant (he was born last week!) and experiencing in blog fashion, the adoption journeys of two friends; the Harrisons and the Seversons.
  • Brian’s surprise Christmas gift of an awesome new camera after a year of frustrating & crummy picture taking with a half-broken one.
  • The process of learning to lighten up can be a heartwarming journey. Exhibit A. I smile everytime I see it.
  • Observing (& capturing) the look of glee. A fav day and some of my fav pics of 08.
  • My iPhone. I know it’s crazy, but I love it more than I ever thought I would.
  • Sending my baby off to Kindergarten hurt a lot more than I expected. But her love (and mine!) of her teacher and the joy and excitement she finds in learning has given me much to be thankful for.
  • Discovering accountability. Sure, I used blog accountability to stay out of Starbucks last month, but I also workout with a group of girls twice a week for almost a year already. Early. And it’s tough. And you can’t tell by the look on my face, but I love it. Truth is, if they weren’t there, I wouldn’t be either. Oh, oh we need each other…

2009 is lookin good too. I’m elbow deep in planning our first family vacation and quite possibly a little getaway for me & Mr. B for our 10th Anniversary.

First things first though – I have to buy a calendar.

*ahem* Apparently – today was not the first day back to school. I learned that only after standing at the bus stop with the kids for 15 minutes in the freezing cold and calling a friend at the previous bus stop, who – wasn’t sure how to tell me there was NO SCHOOL TODAY. Brian could not even stand up straight while laughing at me when we all came home. And then apologizing. More laughing … More apologizing …


~ by hthr on January 5, 2009.

2 Responses to “Our staycation WAS literally one of “Staying Put””

  1. I’m sorry babe!

    …still laughing 😉

  2. I have to laugh too because one time I woke up late and bolted out of bed, jerked all my kids up, yelled at them because they weren’t hurrying (around here a delay on my part DOES constitute an emergency on their parts!) only to fling open the door with what I thought would be seconds til the bus… to a totally white neighborhood. Yep… SNOW DAY! 🙂

    By the way, if you haven’t already bought the calendar, I LOVE my “Mom’s Plan It” calendar… I can’t live without it.

    Thanks for coming today!

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