09 will be just fine. Just fine.

Resolutions? Not so much.

Aspirations … suggestions to myself … things I hope to include in my life this year … that is what this is.


Let’s start with the color pink. I need more of it. Less brown. Less black. I need pink. And then I will not have to subconsiously worry about the kid in the shopping cart who can’t figure out if I’m a Mister or a Misses. Add some bigger boobs pink.

Yeah Yeah Yeah. Get over the flat-chested thing. Let’s see here. Apparently, if I invest my $5,000 “improvement fund” in a good growth stock mutual fund, in 40 years I will have $593,239.52. Holy cow, is that right? ((scratch head in silence)) That’s a lot of opportunity to consider. ((lots more silence)) After all these years, I think I may have actually just now gotten over it. Oh.my.word.

Yeah, so … Steak. Once or twice a month instead of once a quarter. I’m lovin this suggestion.

Keep my mouth shut. Listen better. Other people are lovin this suggestion.

Recruit more people to join Facebook.

Quietly love more people to the cause of Christ.

Stop and consider the matter at hand for at least 10 seconds before saying “no” (unless fire is involved).

Stop worrying about dumb stuff. Like what people might be thinking about me rather than the fact that they aren’t considering me at all (and 75% my stats are probably from my dad). Or that because you read my blog, you’ll stop liking me (I do worry about that sometimes). And what if my tone of voice was misinterpreted? And what if the memory foam in our bed causes this mountain in the middle because no one ever lays there?

I’m not a snob, I’m just an introvert. I have to figure out how to get the party in my head …. OUT HERE (see me wave my hands and shake my booty?) Or, just become okay with it.

Invite friends over. I just assume they know our “door is always open” or I sit & wait on a formal invite. Lame. This year, I will instigate more trouble good food & good times.

Start coupon-ing again. Because good food & good times are preceeded by smart shopping.

Pray with my husband. This is hard for me for some reason. But wonderful too. I cry almost every time.

Get a hobby. Apparently “shoe shopping” doesn’t count.

Get a job. Something part-time & work from home would be a miracle.

Read a book the whole way through. Don’t roll your eyes…I have some kind of “falls asleep when sees black & white” disorder.

Make a new friend. Or ten. The Starbucks barrista doesn’t count. I mean, she counts, but I can’t encourage that friendship. You know what I’m say’in?

Get back to that “regular bedtime schedule” I had all planned out earlier in 08 rather than falling asleep on the couch at night and transporting ourselves to bed somehow at 2am.

Increase the 8 & 10 pound weights to 15s.

Become a better & more attentive laundress. Or hire one! But we didn’t fit that in the budget, so … I’m it. Maybe I can start getting paid in hugs & kisses.

I have a lot of internal evolution to work on as well. I want to be a sweeter mommy, a more romantic wife (Honey, your shirts are ironed!), a more thoughtful daughter, a niece who picks up the phone more often, a stranger who helps …

In 2009 we will … celebrate our 10th Wedding Anniversary & my 30th Birthday (mmhmm, I was 19), go on our first real family vacation(!!), and if all projections aim true, we will be ready to buy a house by the end of this year.

I think it’s gonna be a good one.

I’m kinda, pretty, very excited.

~ by hthr on January 2, 2009.

3 Responses to “09 will be just fine. Just fine.”

  1. Pink will change your life for sure! I could put some money on that one!

  2. So I’m sitting here at work, marveled that I met 2 people from Franklin randomly via Twitter yesterday, and I thought “That Heather Williams seems cool. I think she had a blog. I’ll check it out.” I love reading blogs. Its a recent obsession in my life. Anyway, I don’t want you to think I’m some weirdo cyberspace stalker, but I had a chance to read a few posts, including this one, and I wanted to leave a few words of truth for you: I can totally relate to the snob vs. introvert comment. I worry about the same things all the time. I feel like even the way my face is constructed looks snobbish unless I’m beaming a smile 24/7. But in just the few comments I’ve gotten from you, I would never have thought that about you. You seem to be really fun, funny, and genuine. I can relate to almost everything on this list, INCLUDING having a completely flat chest. 🙂 Anyway, I’ve really enjoyed reading this. I hope that if my husband and I get to move there, you would consider checking off the “make a new friend” suggestion to yourself and hang out sometime. It would be nice to have a friend when I get there. Take care.

  3. […] I was later reading back over my suggestions for 09 I smiled. A […]

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