Brian is off work this week and the girls are off school…we are “staycationing” rather than “vacationing”.

Aside from attempting to get my car back in the garage via a massive garage purge session (or week long series of sessions) we want to take the girls to do some fun stuff too …

We’ve lived in Nashville almost 3 YEARS already and there is a whole lotta town out there to discover. I just made my first journey to Opry Mills Mall a couple months ago, so I think we are a little behind on the tourism factor! We’ve heard Pancake Pantry is a must do too, but we don’t know…we just shrug our shoulders when we say “Whad’ya wanna do?”

So help us out…throw us some ideas of what we can go do with the kids this week? You know, aside from cleaning the garage.

~ by hthr on December 29, 2008.

3 Responses to “Staycation”

  1. If you haven’t gone to see the Opryland Hotel decorated for the holidays, go do that before they take down all the lights and poinsetta trees.

    I’ve heard the Adventure Science Center is fun for kids and the parents.

    Pancake Pantry is good, but nothing super special. If you haven’t been, you should go, only because it’s a Nashville staple.

    There are some dinner theatres around. I’ve been to a couple, and they’re kinda fun.

    Flea Market. Cheekwood.

  2. I second the Adventure Science Center nomination. Been there with Ethan, he loved it.

  3. Loveless Cafe for breakfast or lunch. Drive to Leiper’s Fork and go to Puckett’s for lunch. Cheekwood if the weather is not too cold.

    Happy New Year!

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