Santa Stories

I assume that because I have a lot of years under my belt, I’m probably not supposed to believe in Santa anymore. But every year, I kinda think I still do. And I’m thinking that maybe this lady (who is our very sweet Asst Principal) wearing the French Hen hat at our kids school Christmas Caroltime-thing knows him.


On our way out of school last Friday I said to her in passing, “Loved that French Hen hat you had! Wish I had a zoom lens so I could’ve captured a picture!”

*ahem* Not only did I get a zoom lens for Christmas, but I got a whole new camera!! Shock, awe, a little bit of “I knew it!” and wonderment as to where the money had been hiding ensued.


I have been razzing Brian for a couple weeks about my Christmas present only because he is terrible at surprises! So terrible in fact that I convinced him to enter into a 12 Days of Christmas thing with me so he could give me a gift-a-day leading up to Christmas (thereby easing his difficulty with the anticipation of it all.)

He did real good up to about Day 6 or 7 and then he kind of ran out of ideas (or money, which I understand in retrospect). And just so you don’t think I was on the hunt for bunches of gifts, I’m a “Quality Time” person, so coffee along with his undivided attention was actually my favorite gift! Yeah. Well, hmm….I’ll call it a tie with the camera.


Ave had breakfast with Santa at Kindergarten…He looked surprised that she asked for a calendar and a book. Thankfully, she was consistent with her wish list because she saw a 2nd Santa at Lampo and had the same requests. She was not nearly as excited about seeing Santa as much as seeing Junior though. Oh.My.Goodness. That child was obsessed! She talked to him practically non-stop! I couldn’t believe she just kept rattling on & on to him (with no response of course). Here she is telling him “I have ALL your books Junior!” and then naming them…


Taylor was really shy with Santa and all we know is she wanted a guitar. A real guitar. Can you just see my eyes roll into the back of my head? I realize we live in Music City & all, so probably every house comes with a guitar, however I just did not see this as happening. But the Lord had a way of giving the desires of her sweet lil heart because when B made a Christmas Eve trip to Walmart…the Lord provided. And He provided in pink.


If you ever have seen one content little girl …  it would have been Tay on Christmas morning. She wasn’t crazy excited or anything. She just knew that she had asked for one, and she was confident that it would be there. It was wrapped up on the hearth and she asked us, “Can I open my guitar now?” She would play it all day if we let her. She stops to play i-spy on the computer when her fingers are tired, and then goes back to it when she’s ready. It is absolutely heartwarming.

Brian didn’t have any specific requests of Santa, but I think this was one of his favorites. It’s a bronzed hand forming the sign “I Love You” which is what we all sign to each other when out of audible range but still in sight.



~ by hthr on December 27, 2008.

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