On his way out the door a month or more ago, Brian said to me, “I’d like to find someplace showing the Nutcracker this year and take the girls” so off to google I went and immediately found that the Nashville Ballet was doing the show this year after a couple year break for fundraising and updates to the show.

I started hunting down tickets immediately but the only ones  I could come up with were in the $200 each range, which completely exceeded not only our budget for the show, but our entire Christmas gift budget period! I was pretty bummed but very persistent. A week or so later, I got the luck of the ticketmaster draw and some “cheap seats” came up. I was so excited!

So last Sunday evening we went to dinner and then off to the show…the girls looked so sweet in their Christmas dresses. We were cutting it close on time having ordered coffee after dinner (who, us? want coffee?) We had to park 2 blocks over and run into TPAC, up two flights of stairs, finally making it just in time to find our seats before the lights were lowered. It was perfect but it took me 20 minutes to catch my breath afterwards! For real. I ran the whole way, uphill in 30-some degree windy weather dragging encouraging my child right along with me in these:


Not only are they 4″ heels and NEW…but they are one size smaller than I wear … because they were the last pair and I was not about to pass up some of the cutest black satin shoes I’d seen all year just because they didn’t have my size. It was only one size off. You didn’t know I have a love of shoes, did you? I totally do. If any good were to come of it, I now know another great way to break in a new pair of shoes; downtown Nashville, uphill in crosswinds. Then 2 flights of stairs. And, repeat.

Oh yeah, on the topic at hand: the ballet.

Even though we were in the cheap seats – they were fabulous! The ballet was beautiful! When the dancers first came out, Taylor’s whole face lit up. She thoroughly enjoyed it, sitting with her hands crossed in her lap and smiling. The lights reflected bright in her eyes and when something would happen on stage she would look so surprised and pleased. I was tickled at how sweet she was. I enjoyed watching her as much as I enjoyed the ballet itself.

Two seats over, Avery enjoyed the seats that bounced back up a little too much. And she had a sinus thing going on too, except she sounded like a grown man clearing his throat in the morning while she snuffed her nose and attempted to clear her passages. Her daddy was so embarrassed. (I was oblivious because who knew men in tights could be so athletic? Like, whoa!) We realized about 15 minutes into the show we forgot to bring her glasses…I felt terrible, but there was nothing to be done. Oh well. When it was over I asked her what her favorite part was and she simply said, “EV-erything!

Thanks B for taking all your girls out on a date. We will remember it for a long time. It’s fun to finally be able to do some of these special things together…


~ by hthr on December 23, 2008.

2 Responses to “Nutcracker.”

  1. That is so fun! Going to this ballet was a tradition when I was little and is a great Christmas memory for me. I went again a couple of years ago, and it was beautiful as always.

  2. What a fun night… I can’t wait to do stuff like that with my girl! 🙂

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