Horse’in Around

The Kindergardeners at our school have a tradition every December to have a Stick Horse Parade. The kids choose a sock, colors of felt, cording and yarn for hair and bring them into class, stuff the sock, sew on felt cut-out eyes, nose, ears & mouth and add on a beautiful mane of hair from whatever yarn color they chose. They do a ton of it themselves.

Basically, they breathe life into these socks.

They are given a name and a personality all their own is imagined. This stick-horse-come-to-life project is nearly a two-week process (which is a loooong time for a Kindgergardener!) When it’s all said & done, the other classes in the school all empty out and line the halls and the Kindergardeners take over with a stick horse parade! It’s waaaaay cute.

These horses are brought to life in their imaginations. I am always amazed at how creative Avery’s teacher is…the way she talks to the kids and how they get excited. It’s really awesome. I need to sit in & take some lessons.

Well anyway, Brian & I were at the parade and all was going awesome. Avery and her horse Jill were lookin good all through the halls.


And then it happened. Jills hair fell off. Conveniently, it happened on the approach to where we were standing. And, even better, across the parade route from where her teacher was.

Seriously, this was a big deal. One not to be handled by ANYone other than Mrs. C because we were not even remotely capable of saying or doing anything to make this all better. Jill was falling apart in her hands. Here we are consoling Ave. It took three of us – no joke. See, even a first grade parade watcher held the stick steady in sympathy for her. Devastation was thick in the air and the parade route stopped to honor the fallen stick horse and its owner.


A lot of times you can shake off a bummer thing in a few minutes and get over it. This was not one of those times. Here they are fifteen minutes later, still crying on daddy’s shoulder while her awesome teachers assistant worked on reattaching it.


So, Jill went home with me and later met Olivia. She is Tay’s horse. Olivia has a silky purple mullet.


After a few pictures of the new friends, they went for a race through the house. I think it must have been a good one because Jill lost her hair once again. It was pretty incredible…I mean what were the odds, you know? Olivia has been around for a year now and never lost her hair. Jill? Twice in 2 hours. Which could very well be a reflection of their owners. And I would agree with that hypothesis.


Because our house resembles an organizational explosion, finding a needle would be, well, impossible at best. So, Avery left it to the side until I got to diggin in the haystack.

Apparently though, while she was waiting on her hairdo, Jill must have had a craving for spaghetti because this is what I found hidden next to Avery’s desk a couple days later:


It’s Jills hair, combined with a tomato & green pepper mixture from that of another Kindergarten project. Jill now resembles….ME with short spiky hair.

I don’t know. I kinda dig it.

~ by hthr on December 22, 2008.

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