Deck the Halls! A Christmas Open House…

BooMama is hosting a virtual Christmas Open House today for anyone who wants to participate. Fun! I thought. I love to look at other people’s decorations! But then I finally got around to decorating, and being that this is my favorite time of year (hence the reason we leave the decorations up until March-ish…) my thoughts of Maybe I’ll post a few pictures turned into, well, more than a few. I won’t apologize however. It’s my favorite season. And quite possibly, this will be the most photo-packed post I’ve done in almost 3 years of blogging. Scroll on curious ones. And WELCOME!

Just so you know you’re at my house, this is it. Humble (& in need of a powerwashing) on the outside, but full of laughter and love on the in.


Don’t be shy! Come in!


Well, that’s it. Thanks for coming! Just kidding.

Our nativity is up there on the mantle…I added a string of lights this year to brighten em up a little bit.


It is very special to me because it is the nativity scene I grew up celebrating Christmas with every year…this is me & my mom Christmas of 1981…


To the right is one of our Christmas Trees. Although it has evolved a little, it’s mostly decorated by color scheme. Even so, I have a couple favorite ornaments on it. Avery is holding one of them. It’s the Mickey Mouse ornament from Disney World. We get one every time we go. It almost looks like she’s gritting her teeth and saying “Let’s go get another one!” Oh, nevermind, that’s me.


Moooovin on into the Dining Room, is this little ceramic painted tree on my cookbook shelf. It was my grandmothers and I remember it all of growing up. She had it on a lace doily on top of the tv the last few years we had Christmas with her. It is one of my favorite things.


On the old stereo sits our new Christmas decoration for this year. A Santa Claus. He’s our first Santa! He was carrying Garland, a tree, a sled and a teddy bear, so I figured he was good people. Plus, I negotiated on his price tag, making him extra sweet on my Christmas budget.


I bet you’re wondering where the food is at this house. Come into the kitchen. I made some Pumpkin Pudding for you.


If you’re all pumpkin’ed out, I understand … have a brownie!


Oh, look…turn around! My family is enjoying some at the table too (Well, actually, they are having breakfast and they are barely awake, but you can pretend). That there on the left is our kitchen tree. It used to be 3′ tall, but the decorations took over and now we need a 7 footer. It is my favorite tree and it is chock full of new and antique copper cookie cutters and kitchen-themed ornaments. Like a grill for my hubby, cows, chickens, gingerbread looking iced cookies and of course coffee! Of course.


Hey kids, show us your room! Ave will do a jingle bell jiggy dance by the soft glow of the tree. Very nice dear. There are many  special ornaments on this tree from my childhood and now from our girls. Lots of girly pink-ness just like the rest of the room and the tree is layered with handmade crocheted snowflakes that were a gift to my mom, quite possibly even before I made my worldly entrance. They are especially … special.


The little house under the tree by her dancing feet has made its re-debut this year. It’s “Mrs Claus’ Sweet Shoppe” handpainted by yours truly in 1987. It’s practically antique. I can remember choosing it at the Franks Craft Store with my mom, and being very frustrated with particular about the paint job on the goodies in the shop window. Ahh, the onset of OCD.


I’m sure you’re thinking I probably have another Christmas tree hidden in my bedroom too. Well, I tried. I tried real good y’all, but some things must be saved for another time and another year. Fortunately, I have those big windows in the front, and with our first snow the other night, I took a picture for you. It is really something special to open your eyes to in the morning. Really beautiful…even if it’s only half an inch. (Sorry, but I did not feel like making my bed for you. I got back in it later and enjoyed the view).


I hope you enjoyed peekin around our lil nest here. Not a whole lot to see, but it’s home to us. And to me, there’s something special, intimate even, about seeing the Christmas decor of other people. It gives you a very special look into their lives. A part that is very specially chosen and enjoyed only a certain time of the year (some of us longer than others *ahem*). So go on and check out the other home tours. And be sweet and leave them a comment so they know you were there. Bloggers love that kind of stuff. I will go eat the brownies you left behind!

~ by hthr on December 15, 2008.

14 Responses to “Deck the Halls! A Christmas Open House…”

  1. very fun post! Love the idea and I felt right at home. Would love to taste that pumkpin pudding one of these days. I made pumpkin bread and muffins again this weekend while Bill’s mom was here…so yummy!

  2. cool post! definitely your thing – christmas decor – all looks great and I love how special everything is to you. i’m afraid my stuff isn’t nearly as “intimate” – just stuff I liked from a store once upon a time or so. i do have all of christopher’s ornaments growing up and maybe i should swipe mine since my mom didn’t even put up a tree this year (they come here now) – hmmmm….the bar has been set, maybe one day….

  3. Your house is gorgeous…and so warm and inviting. I’d would love to try some pumpkin pudding AND a brownie. ‘Tis the season, right?

    Thanks for having me over…
    Happy holidays!

  4. My grandma has a ceramic light up tree like that too! I love it! Beautiful home!

  5. Love it Heather! It’s just beautiful! This has brought back some wonderful memories. Can’t wait to get there. I know this will be a wonderful Christmas!
    Love you all,

  6. I love it! It’s so pretty. I love your trees. Thank you for sharing with us. Merry Christmas.

  7. Looks great! And so welcoming too. 🙂

  8. Thanks for the tour! It all looks great.

  9. Love all the trees!!!! Your house is very cute!!

    Merry Christmas!

  10. You have made us feel very welcome! Thank you for sharing and congrats on your new camera!! Merry Christmas!

  11. Hi again! Okay, the handprint ornaments. Super easy! First of all, my kiddos are toddlers, so we used plastic/unbreakable ornaments. Secondly I painted their hand with white acrylic paint and then had them grab the ornament from the bottom (I was holding the top when I handed it to them). Third, I had them place the ornament top side down in an empty egg crate to dry so the paint doesn’t get messed up. Just let the paint dry then “decorate” with Sharpies. Super easy and they are a huge hit with the grandparents. The cool part is it doesn’t matter if they are “perfect” or not. Mommy gets to then use her imagination to give each snowman some life. Merry Christmas!

  12. I love your trees! Merry Christmas!

  13. I love your house. I am in deep covet envy over your hardwood floors – – – I HATE my carpet.

    Everything looks so Christmassy.

    Merry Christmas and thanks so much for the tour!!!

    PS – – – I LOVED the Jingle Bell Jiggle your daughter was doing in front of her tree.

  14. […] Tour 2009 Oh, BooMama’s Christmas Tour of Homes was so much fun last year! I dare say I even made some virtual friends because of it! Well I thought I’d let it go this […]

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