Meeting Rach. Sorta, kinda, but … no, not really.

I am not one someone who gets star struck, which I guess serves me well in this town. So whatever possessed me to run to the mall for tickets to see Rachael Ray, and then get there before the mall even opened….I dont know. Not sure what to call that. Starbucks Withdrawal Insanity? Or, Pre-Menstrual Syndrome possibly? Not much is ever logical about that.

So I was in the first 40 or so of what I heard was estimated at 600-700 people in line. My friend Laura who does marketing at ChicFilA came downstairs and saw all the people and then me and was like, “What is going ON here?”

“Rach Ray book signing” I told her.

“Oh! So you’ll be here a while? You want some food? I’ll bring you some food.”

“Yes! Okay!” And she promised to be back.

And there I sat. Snuggled up against the glass at Brooks Brothers. I may never walk past that store the same way again.

I was totally enjoying people watching and getting to know the ladies on either side of me when down the line came Laura and her manager Jesse. They were taking orders for two different combo meals to be delivered at 11:30 for $6. Easy. Needed. Brilliant. Down the line they went, and 90 minutes later, they were back, only they had like, 8 of these massive coolers full of food & drinks. Color me impressed. Way to go Laura!!


Here I am in line with one of my best friends Amanda.


The tv crews were there, and as I sat on a fold-out 3-prong stool offered up by the kind lady behind me, the tv guy went racing by to get a shot of the crowd. It occurred to me that although I was smiling, I probably looked like I was sitting bent over on a toilet. Then I heard that I’d been seen on the news, and I hoped upon hope that that wasn’t the shot used.

However my friend Neal put my mind to rest when I talked to him yesterday and he said, “saw you on Fox the other night!” “Oh! Really? What was I doing!?” “You looked good. You were messin with your camera.” Oh phew. Good good good. The camera. The one that gave me quality shots such as these:


(Above) Lil C did not appreciate the semi-scary looking camera crew guys. So funny. Don’t you love how dreamy and hazy everything is? What a special camera I have. Oh, AND I totally got “in trouble” for taking this picture. Seriously. Rach had some people representin. They were like, picture police.

(Below) This is a pretty legit representation of what it was like to be there (See Ondrea? You didn’t have to stand in line! My photo-journalism can be enough!) Tons of cameras in her face and body-guard-ish crowd control protection. Also, some lovely ladies from Williams Sonoma who wore aprons and made it very clear that we were not to go past them for safety reasons. Even for self rising flour.


So….Rachael Ray.

She has the most perfect eye lashes I’ve ever seen. Ever. And she is pretty teeny. And tan.

I was expecting to see some garbage bowls out somewhere. Maybe a pyramid of them off to the side for sale? No such luck.I bet Williams-Sonoma drew the line there.

She looked at me for a nano-second and said, “Oh, cute”, signed my books and slid them across to me with a “Thanks hon.” It was probably one of the most rushed things I have ever observed. One thousand books sold, and she was supposedly there for 3 hours to sign. So, 333 books an hour, means she had to sign 5 books per minute for 3 hours. No potty breaks. Thats … what? … one book signed consistently every 12 seconds. That girls’ got some wrist action.

All that to say, I did not get to suggest adding an alert label on the Pumpkin Pudding recipe or make mention of the garbage bowl. I just said thank you and was moved along by security. And that was just fine. I overheard some fabulous conversations that day and got in hours of people watching.


Here I am with my first Rachael Ray cookbook, debating the spelling of the word YUM-O. Yummo. Yum-mo. Yumo. It all looks weird to me. It almost looks like it says “Heather & Rachael Ray’s Big Orange Book”. My name would totally be in cursive if I had my own cookbook. And, if I had a fun disposition, didn’t hate video cameras & knew how to cook, I could totally pull off a cooking show. Three strikes. Bummer.

Oh well, at least I have some new recipes for my test kitchen!


[Marianna was there too. Click to read about her experience!]


~ by hthr on December 12, 2008.

3 Responses to “Meeting Rach. Sorta, kinda, but … no, not really.”

  1. So, you got an “Oh, Cute!” AND a “Thanks, Hon.” I bet your friend whose blog you linked here is quite the JEALOUS cookie! See, I told you you should be a model!

  2. Thanks to your blog, I just went out and purchased a copy of Rachel’s book for my sister-in-law’s Christmas gift.

  3. […] we are waiting on Rachel Ray a couple months […]

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