Remembering the Reason

The boxes and totes used for storing our Christmas things are slowly making their way back to the garage, now empty. It feels like I am constantly sweeping up dust pans full of dirt, needles and oh my … still so much glitter, but I am hopeful that tomorrow, our home will make a return to its former self so that we can walk through the room without incident or injury. There is potential at least.

Whatever the reason for my lack of motivation to decorate the trees, it has officially left the premises. At 12:30 this morning, I was in the kitchen wrapping a great many yards of mettalic netting around and in and through the kitchen Christmas tree. And as I was about halfway down, I realized I had a full, open smile on my face while I was doing it. I was having such a great time, but more than that, I truly felt in my heart of hearts that I was decorating purely to celebrate the Birthday of Jesus. It was as if I were doing it for Him.

I wonder if He likes polka-dotted chicken ornaments.

Much like I love to pour over details for my kids birthday parties; the food & music, the extra special clothes, putting up a tree with carefully placed lights and chosen decorations …. it’s all part of the prep for the party that is Christmas Day! Jesus’ Birthday! With all the celebrating we do, He is at the core of it all. I love it!

You may think we’re crazy for all these Christmas trees, but it’s just one way we really enjoy celebrating the season. We don’t give each other a lot of gifts on Christmas like we used to. Our own birthdays are for that…this is Jesus’ day. Somehow, the soft lights of the tree and warmth of other decorations bring a calm over me and I find myself content to just enjoy being where I am.

And that my friends is why our tree will still be up until March.

~ by hthr on December 5, 2008.

2 Responses to “Remembering the Reason”

    I’m really glad we had that time to hangout for a bit the other evening. Thanks for that!

  2. Oh my goodness… you have polka dot chickens on a tree? i have to come see.

    I thought of you tonight because I went to hear a girl speak and I am definitely having you to my house when she comes to speak here… but anyway, I thought of you because of your advent conspiracy and I thought you would have loved what she had to say… this is a great post, too, by the way!

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