How many pairs of shoes are in your closet?

If you have A PAIR, you have more than many.

In all my blog reading and surfing I’ve seen buttons for and read about the Soles4Souls / 50k in 50 Days campaign going on. They make it very clear: you can provide funds for 2 pair of shoes by just a 5-dollar donation.

5 bucks. 2 kids get shoes.

5 bucks is three scoops of ice cream at my favorite place.
5 bucks is two loaves of bread. Or a bag of apples.
It’s a new ornament for my Christmas tree.
It’s less than I will spend on lunch for myself tomorrow after church.
5 bucks is like, two regular coffees or one fancy-dancy one at Starbucks.

It’s not much.

Not for us…but for someone, somewhere, it would go far – if we choose for it to. If we say no to small indulgences and yes to what we trust could make a smile breakout somewhere. For pride – the good kind – to grow in the heart of a child because of the new shoes on their feet. Not for the purposes of style but protection.

When my husband brought home a hot red-cupped coffee to me the other night, set it down and kissed me on the cheek, I felt loved and thought of. I took a sip of it though, and it was old and stale. It been left on the burner too long. I knew in that moment that my coffee money could and should be better spent than that. I was about to toss it in the garbage, and somewhere, a child has a legitimate need for shoes. And I’m throwing my opportunity to have provided them that basic thing – in the garbage.

My friend Kim posted a video from YouTube on her blog that I am reposting below. I loved it…

We are a blessed people. We have cars. And more than one winter coat. I’m looking at 3 Christmas trees that are begging to be decorated for crying out loud. And I, for one, have at least 25 pair of shoes in my closet.

Latte for me versus shoes for a child who has none. That’s a no brainer. Sorry Starbucks. You burned my coffee and now I’m glad you did. This is gonna pull rank in importance at my house this month. And while there are 30 days left to donate toward the 50k goal, I’ll be making coffee at home and redirecting coffee money to a shoe fund. I might miss you Starbucks, but I don’t think I could ever regret it. To give the gift of shoes, go to

This water thing grips my heart more than anything though. You can not get more essential than water. Our daughter Taylor brought this to our attention after a campaign they did with the kids at church this summer for Blood:Water Mission. If ever our child were passionate about giving and being concerned … it was that people in Africa would have clean water so they could live.

$1 = ONE YEAR of Water for an African.

One Dollar. One Year. One life to be continued.

I will not stop at coffee. For more information on how you too can give a gift of clean water this Christmas, go to


~ by hthr on November 30, 2008.

3 Responses to “How many pairs of shoes are in your closet?”

  1. The advent conspiracty video is so good… I posted a link to it the other day. I wish everyone would watch it…

  2. I want that video for my blog… I’m going to add it right now to the post I just put out tonight about orphans… and I’m going to post the link to blood:water and also a link to give to orphans too…. thanks!

  3. […] oh Starbucks… …how I’ve missed thee. I haven’t paid for brew in 25 days, but it’s all good becaus…. That’s kinda […]

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